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Are you looking for antique rug cleaning services for your precious carpets? The On-Time Steam Cleaning team is here to assist you with advanced cleaning solutions at affordable prices and fast speeds. We are accurate, efficient, experienced, and only work with the safest eco-friendly cleaners in the industry. We cover the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut areas and we can assist you with emergency cleaning jobs or regular maintenance. Call 1-888-512-2055 now and schedule an appointment with us!

Antique rugs that have been in the family for generations or expensive rugs purchased from specialized stores require special care and attention during cleaning. One of the biggest mistakes that owners of antique carpets tend to make is to use the wrong cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals that are not only harmful to the colors and fabrics in the rug, but also contain toxic ingredients that could trigger various health problems in the members of the household, with special emphasis on children. Given the nature of antique rugs, the impressive manufacturing process that incorporates dozens of hours of intense work, and the oftentimes incommensurable value of these genuine works of art, it is crucial to rely on experienced cleaners. Our IICRC-certified team of carpet cleaners is up-to-date with the latest environmentally-friendly, non-toxic solutions for all types of antique rugs.

Popular antique rug cleaning services we are hired to do:

  • antique rug stain removal
  • antique carpet spill cleaning
  • antique rug vacuuming
  • maintenance and deodorization services

Give us a call, tell us a few important details on the type of carpeting you need help with and we will be glad to provide you with a completely free antique rug price estimate by phone. We can answer all of your questions and discuss any other details that might concern you, then schedule an appointment for you.

Antique Rug Spill Removal In New York

An area rug that is made of wool-rich in lanolin is usually much better at repelling fresh stains and spills. In other words, if you own such a rug, you can consider yourself lucky, as you will simply need to blot a stain and prevent the staining from occurring. For this, you should always use clean cloths and proceed to blot starting with the edges and moving to the center of the spill.

Of course, depending on the drink or food that has been spilled on your wool carpet, you may or may not need to use some soap to further tackle the spill. While various DIY solutions can be found online, we strongly urge to instead call a professional carpet cleaning service in town. Certain homemade carpet cleaners that contain apple cider vinegar, for example, could cause serious damage to your antique carpet. Also, scrubbing the stain could easily lead to immediate staining, as the spill will get deeply embedded into the fibers. Also, whenever possible, you should use an item around the house to elevate the damp area and have it air dry with the help of a fan for one or two days. Depending on the thickness of your carpet and the density of the weaves in it, the process could sometimes take longer than that. If you do not have the patience to go through a long and complicated foundation and pile air drying process, we warmly suggest you to get in touch with us. We specialize in a professional spill and stain removal, air drying and advanced cleaning solutions. We can save you precious time, energy, and money by restoring and saving your damaged antique rugs.

Antique Carpet Cleaning In New Jersey

Provided you are confronted with mildew problems caused by placing plant pots on the surface of the rugs, including planters that come with water basins, we can come to the rescue. We know just how severe the damage caused by water infiltration can be and we can help you reverse the effects before it is too late. If you are currently dealing with accidental flooding and your rugs are covered in water,  you should immediately hang the rug using a railing in the outdoor or have it spread on a lawn and let the light from the sundry in naturally. However, if you own a larger carpet, it is advisable to first have all the excess water vacuumed. Make sure you use a designated water vacuum cleaner for it. Industry experts and carpet manufacturers alike recommend you to have your antique rugs thoroughly washed and dried by a professional carpet cleaner within a couple of days after the severe spilling or flooding incident.

Antique Rug Maintenance Services In Connecticut

If you own an antique rug that is made of lanolin fibers, you should avoid tampering with its natural ability to protect itself against staining. This also means anything from avoiding any DIY carpet moth treatments to dry-cleaning and even or steam-clean, which is one of the most efficient solutions for most types of rugs in general.

Affordable Antique Rug Cleaning Prices

Whether you need to tackle a stubborn stain, a fresh spill or you need your antique rug tumbled or hand-washed, we can assist you with the most affordable prices in town. Call and get your free quote and schedule an appointment with us now.

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Allison Fisher Jen was fantastic and cleaned what I thought was irreparable damage to my rug. Will recommend to others, 10/10 experience.

Maureen ReiningerOn Time Steam Cleaning was true to their schedule and evaluation of my apartment. They did an amazing job and I appreciate how professional they were. Totally recommend them.

Wendy BuckleyI had a great experience today with getting my carpet cleaned by On Time Steam Cleaning. They showed up ontime (of course since that is their name); they knew what they were doing; they got the spots out; they cleaned the whole carpet; they were gone in about 30 minutes. What more could you ask. I recommend them.