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It’s possible you don’t even know you need carpet beetle treatment.

So you suspect your home might be infested with some kind of pests, but you are not yet sure what it might be, or where it might be coming from. One thing is for sure; you have started noticing small holes showing up in your carpets, or on some of the clothes in your closets. You don’t see any moths flying around, so you cannot put your finger on what is going on just yet.

Carpet beetle treatment NYC

And them one quite evening, while watching TV with the lights off you do notice something flying. You turn on a lamp near your couch and notice a flying beetle! Yes, you are sadly dealing with carpet beetle infestation. The adult carpet beetles can fly, and they are known to prefer darker shelters where they can find sufficient food – in the form of natural fibers – they can feed on and keep growing and breeding. Even your car could be infested by these pesky little creatures that have found their way into your home. You could be in need of a carpet beetle treatment.

First things first, if you have made a habit out of keeping your home clean, neat and tidy, you needn’t think you might be slacking off, thus the beetle problem. Carpet beetles are in no way a reflection on home hygiene habits. Consider them a form of bad luck. Now pull yourself together and keep reading, so you can learn how to actually get rid of these nasty creatures invading your carpets, closets, and pretty much all locations where they can find cozy dark spaces and tasty organic fibers to feed on. Since carpets are usually made of wool and other similar organic materials, it is easy to see why they are one of their favorite locations.

Homemade Carpet Beetle Treatment To Eliminate Your Problem

  • Start by using a steam vacuum cleaner on the entire home. It should help you efficiently eliminate all carpet beetles. Or at least most of them; pay a lot of attention to the larvae, they are incredibly small and they resemble caterpillars. You might have a harder time noticing them, so you may need to use a magnifying glass for it.
  • This method is highly effective as it will eradicate both beetles and their larva. Make sure to also vacuum your upholstered furniture and any other areas that are covered by the fabric.
  • For best results, it is advisable to repeat the vacuuming procedures every day, for three days in a row. If you do not own a steam cleaner, or it is more difficult to buy or rent one, you may want to look into the alternative of using a professional steam cleaning service. On-Time Steam Cleaning specializes in the most advanced steam cleaning services for carpets. And they do it with the utmost care and attention to detail, as well as respect for each and every one of the carpets and area rugs that are brought to them.
  • They can help you get rid of the hassle of renting expensive steam cleaning equipment or investing in a new one for the simple need to get rid of pesky carpet beetles.

Try The Vinegar/Oil Method

  • Vinegar is a genuine panacea for a great number of problems, ranging from human health to eco-friendly cleaning alternatives for people who wish to cut their carbon footprint.
  • You can add plain vinegar to a steam cleaner in order to replace commercial types of chemical cleaners. Get ready for a powerful vinegar smell that will last for a few hours, but that will eventually pass.
  • Vinegar is an excellent carpet cleaner, and the greatest news of all is that vinegar is also toxic to the carpet beetle. Thus, it will considerably increase the chances of getting rid of the infestation faster and more efficiently.
  • Cedar oil can also be applied on affected surfaces in order to help you get rid of carpet beetles by causing osmotic dehydration and suffocating adult beetles. It also has deadly effects on larvae and eggs. It can be applied directly to the infested carpets, area rugs, or clothing and furniture, or you can mix it with water and create a spray for easier application. Just keep in mind you should not add any essential oil to your steam cleaner, as you could damage it. Neem oil is also known to penetrate the bodies or carpet beetles and destabilize the well-functioning of their hormonal system. This will trigger the inspects to stop feeding themselves, and it will also put a halt on their mating and laying of eggs. In other words, the entire population of carpet beetles will soon start to die.
  • You can apply this oil in combination with alcohol and create a new spray.

Call Expert Help Today!

  • If you do not have the time or the patience to try these homemade remedies against carpet beetles, you can always get in touch with expert carpet cleaners. Services like On Time Steam Cleaning offer professional steam cleaning services for carpets.
  • They can eradicate all carpet beetle populations hassle-free, without you having to lift a single finger for it. And you will gain a lot more peace of mind knowing the hands of experts have cleaned all infested areas in your home.
  • Get in touch with them today and let them tell you exactly what they can do for you, fast, affordable, and with 100% guaranteed results.