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Do you need affordable Oriental rugs cleaning NYC? Looking for advanced Oriental rug pet stain removal services in New Jersey or Connecticut? The On-Time Steam Cleaning team covers all three areas with top, eco-friendly services at competitive prices. Call 1-888-512-2055 now for our IICRC-certified service! 

Popular Oriental Rug Cleaning Services We Provide

We specialize in a vast array of Oriental rug cleaning solutions that are fully customizable and suitable for every individual carpet that reaches us. We only work with IICRC-certified carpet cleaners that have extensive experience and undergo advanced testing and continuous training to stay up-to-date with the latest novelties in the cleaning industry. We specialize in a vast array of Oriental carpets, including, but not limited to:

  • Karastan rug
  • Turkish
  • Needlepoint rug
  • Silk rug
  • Persian
  • Egyptian
  • Killim rug
  • Wool rug
  • Chinese Art Deco
  • Flokati rug

We always perform colorfast tests on each rug that we are asked to clean and we rely on an industrial vacuum and steam cleaners as well as professional washers that guarantee top results every time.

There are the most popular cleaning jobs our Oriental rug cleaners NY are asked to do:

  • rug consultation and colorfast testing
  • steam cleaning for rugs that can withstand the method
  • hand-washing for antique rugs
  • advanced steam cleaning
  • industrial machine washing
  • rug pet stain removal
  • scotchgard, deodorizing and sanitizing

Contact our unparalleled customer support representatives and ask for a free, zero-obligation price estimate or get in touch with us online and let us answer all your questions and concerns ad schedule a cleaning job with us.

Oriental Rugs Cleaning NY, NJ & CT

Whether it’s a matter of deeply embedded dirt, grime, dust mites, food crumbs, liquid spills or nasty odors caused by organic matter caught inside the fibers of your carpets, we can safely and effectively remove all these elements off your carpets and bring your rugs back to life. We dust, wash, rinse and dry all rugs in a temperature-controlled environment for best results and we always run all compatible carpets through our advanced carpet duster that can easily loosen and remove all traces of dry debris and dirt. Next, we will proceed to machine- or hand-wash tour rug, depending on the fabrics it is made of, the manufacturer’s instructions and the vast know-how we possess. The paddles inside our industrial carpet washing machines will gently remove all traces of dirt from the fibers. This step will be followed by the final rinsing that will ensure there will be zero cleaning product left on your carpet. Finally, we will thoroughly dry your carpet using a temperature-controlled environment. We never risk causing any damage to a rug using machine-washing if the carpet cannot withstand this procedure. Rest assured we will always ponder the best solutions based on the type of yard, fabric, color dyes, and weaving technique we are looking at.

Our expert area rug steam cleaners NY will apply this excellent cleaning method on those rugs that are compatible with the process.

The On-Time Steam Cleaning service only works with the safest eco-friendly cleaning products that contain no harsh chemicals, dangerous toxins, and allergens. We never work with products that contain chlorine, sulfate, or harmful detergents. Your safety, well-being, and comfort are our primary goals and we strive to run that extra mile for you whenever needed.

Oriental Rug Steam Cleaning Services

Steam is a powerful and natural cleaner and disinfectant and we are pleased to use it every time we can do it in a safe manner for top results. The procedure can effectively get you as much as 95% of all shampoos and excess water trapped in the rug, so you can expect even faster drying times. Before applying our steam treatments to your rugs, we will first make sure there will be no color bleeding issues.

Our technicians also rely on lanolin oil that does a good job at softening fibers after the drying is completed, as well as for stopping the fibers within wool rugs to break.

We are experts in advanced deodorizing and stain protector application services for all types of compatible area rugs. We are happy to say that we have prolonged the lifespan of thousands of rugs over the years and we are looking forward to doing the same for your carpets.

Oriental Rug Pet Stain Removal

Our experienced cleaners can also remove unsightly pet waste stains and odors with the help of safe steam cleaning and other hot water extraction solutions, professional, non-toxic cleaners, and various other products that are 100% safe for use near pets. We also use industry-grade deodorizers that will leave all carpets smelling fresh and new.

Affordable Oriental Area Rug Cleaning NY Prices

Whether you need immediate help with cleaning your stained or heavily soiled rugs in New York, Connecticut, or New Jersey, give us a call or get in touch with us online. We offer free quotes and charge small rates and affordable prices for superior service.

Call On Time Steam Cleaning anywhere in the tri-state area today!



Can you steam clean my oriental area rug?

Yes, the majority of area rugs found in American homes can be effectively cleaned using steam cleaning. We always read the detailed manufacturer instructions and recommendations and perform tests on hidden surfaces to ensure there will be no zero damage done to the rugs.

How do I know my area rug is colorfast?

You can personally perform the colorfast test at home on an inconspicuous area of the carpet by pouring some water on it and observing whether the colors begin to bleed. This means the rug is not colorfast. If the label reads “dry clean only”, you are also looking at a non-colorfast carpet. If there is no label attached to the rug, make sure you perform the colorfast test with the help of a white cloth you can press on the wet surface. If you see any colored due getting transferred to the cloth, you should not use water when cleaning your rug.

How and when to vacuum my area carpets?

Ideally, vacuum your Oriental area rugs once a week to remove traces of dirt and bacteria while stopping the wool fibers from losing their natural elasticity. Vacuum both the front and the back of the rugs using gentle moves and steer clear from fringes or silk rugs when vacuuming.

How do I handle a fresh spill on my area rug?

The sooner you can get to a fresh spill, the better. Use paper towels to blot up most of the liquid spill, followed by blotting with a damp rag. Avoid rubbing a fresh spill using back and forth movements, as this will rub the stain further into the rug’s fibers.

How do I maintain my Oriental rugs?

Try to constantly rotate your rugs at least once a month so you can prevent any color fading, also, try not to place your rugs into direct sunlight, or the colors will start to lose their brightness a lot faster.


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Allison Fisher Jen was fantastic and cleaned what I thought was irreparable damage to my rug. Will recommend to others, 10/10 experience.

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Wendy BuckleyI had a great experience today with getting my carpet cleaned by On Time Steam Cleaning. They showed up ontime (of course since that is their name); they knew what they were doing; they got the spots out; they cleaned the whole carpet; they were gone in about 30 minutes. What more could you ask. I recommend them.