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Do you need emergency Pakistani rug cleaning NYC services for a severely stained carpet you cannot tackle on your own? Are you searching for advanced Pakistani rug cleaners in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut? Call 1-888-512-2055 now and let the On Time Steam Cleaning service come to the rescue!

Pakistani rugs have beautiful, unique designs, textures, and vivid colors and are made of quality fabrics that help them distinguish themselves from modern-day, contemporary or western carpets. They are also usually handmade, which makes them even more expensive, valuable, fragile, and exquisite to own. On average, a handmade wool Pakistani rug takes an average of around 3,000 hours of detailed weaving to be completed. If you own such a masterpiece, the last thing you want is to us the wrong over-the-counter stain removers or harmful cleaners that could cause irreversible damage.

If you need professional cleaners for your traditional Pakistani rug that has been handed down from one generation to another in your family, give us a call. We can handle anything from fresh paint, food stains and bleach spills, pet residue, dirt, and grime that are deeply embedded into the fibers more.

Advanced Pakistani Rug Cleaners NY

Having been in the carpet cleaning industry for many long years, we have come across a number of potential problems and the entire range of Pakistani rug models. We know how to address any staining and heavy soiling with the safest and most reliable solutions in the industry. All of our technicians are IICRC-certified, which means they are constantly up-to-date with the latest releases and they comply with the highest standards in the cleaning business. We always perform careful testing and assessments, including color-run tests in an attempt to avoid any unforeseen events that could possibly cause damage to your rugs.

It is critical to be able to find the ideal mix of cleaning products that will not, in any way, ruin the quality of the rug. Keep in mind a Pakistani rug has its own particularities that set it apart from other carpets. This means that a universal carpet cleaner you would normally use on a simple area rug in your lobby will most likely not work on your Pakistani rug. Hence, the importance of any hiring professional cleaners Pakistani rug cleaners NY based and rely on their expertise and know-how.

The Pakistani Rug Cleaning Process

Once the thorough assessment of the rug will be completed by testing a small and inconspicuous surface for colorfastness,  our cleaners will proceed to use a zero-ammonia cleaner for the cleaning and focus on the staining they will find. They will use the right cleaning motions against the pile or in the direction of the nap and handle detailed brushing for the best results. They will also vacuum all the debris and dried particles of dust using industry-power vacuum cleaners and starting a delicate and manual washing cycle that will tackle the remaining dirt and spots or spills. Rinsing will be done thoroughly and efficiently with the help of dedicated water-extraction equipment. The drying will include the underside as well as the nap. Finally, we will brush your carpet before having it delivered to your address.

Even if you do not have any severe staining covering your rugs, it is recommended to have them professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year. This will ensure the quality of the air inside your house will be significantly improved, once all the microscopic and invisible bacteria, traces of mold, dust mites, and other dangerous microorganisms will be completely eliminated with the help of advanced cleaning services. Plus, you will get to significantly prolong the lifespan of your carpets.

If you are suffering from various forms of breathing problems skin allergies or frequent asthma attacks, you might be exposed to these allergens that tend to get deeply embedded into the fibers of your carpets. The more frequently you will choose to have your Pakistani rugs cleaned, the fewer allergic reactions and other related health problems you will face.

Affordable Pakistani Rug Cleaning Prices

No matter if you need assistance with a Bokhara rug made of wool and cotton and wool or a rig made of silk with average weaves of 50 knots per square inch or a model with 300 knots per square inch, give us a call. We can clean, disinfect, deodorize remove stains from all known types of Pakistani rugs. We also have experience working with beautifully dyed rugs, with colors like rose, slate, green, teal, orange or ivory as some of the most common colors we see in the beautiful Pakistani area rugs. We know which dyes and carpets are color-run and which are not and we can adjust our Pakistani rug cleaning NJ procedures according to these customer requirements.

All of these services are affordable and will not force you to break the bank. We aim to make our professional cleaning services as accessible as possible to anyone interested. Give us a call and ask for a free price quote over the phone.

Call now and schedule an appointment with us and let us bring back the lost beauty, colors, and charm in your gorgeous antique Pakistani area rugs!

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Ora Mullins

Great experience with Luisa and Lucia for a first-time cleaning. They showed up within the agreed-upon window and finished in the estimated time frame on budget…

Krishna Herd
Wow! They did a fantastic job cleaning my carpet throughout my entire home! The carpet had considerable traffic stains and they were able to get them all out!…

Clemence Bryant

Very prompt and courteous. Also, they did an amazing job cleaning the carpets. I was certain that the living room carpet was not savable, but once they cleaning it, it looked great. Highly recommended!

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