Eight Impressive Pet Stain Removal Tips

Protecting Your Home From Your Little Ones

We all love our pets – right? Despite our love, it can be frustrating when our hardwood floors, carpets, and area rugs are constantly damaged by pet stains and odors. Fortunately, protecting your home from pet stains, and engaging in Pet Stain Removal, doesn’t have to be difficult. In this article, we’re going to walk you through eight impressive stain removal tips that will improve the comfort of your home without breaking the bank.

1. For machine-washable items, use baking soda.

If your Pet Stain Removal is focused on a machine-washable item, such as a t-shirt, a blanket, or a pillow, add one pound of baking soda to your regular detergent and wash as usual. Air-dry the affected material. If this process isn’t enough to remove the stain(s) altogether, wash the item again with an enzymatic cleaner like Shout Pets or Clorox Urine Remover.

2. For carpeted areas and furniture, work quickly.

Leaving pet stains on your carpet or upholstery is perhaps the worst thing you can do. For effective Pet Stain Removal, start the process as soon as you see, smell, or witness the stain being made. Begin by absorbing as much of the mess as possible with a thick layer of paper towel. Next, rinse the zone with cool, clean water. Blot the area dry. You’ll still want to have the area professionally cleaned in a reasonable period of time, but you’ve averted disaster for now.

If a stain has been set on your carpet or upholstery for some time, try using a high-quality pet odor neutralizer. You can also purchase a carpet cleaner. Or, to make your life easier, give our team a call at (888)-512-2055. At On Time Steam Cleaning, we’re happy to help.

3. For wood or paint damage, consider replacement.

If a particularly bad pet stain has reached your wood or paint, we suggest removing and replacing the layer or varnish or paint. There are few ways to properly clean these materials without professional assistance. Even then, it may help to paint over the afflicted area with new, pet-friendly supplies.

Not looking to repaint? Try enzymatic cleaners on washable paints and/or wallpapers. On rare occasions, they may respond to the treatment.

4. Stop stains before they occur by setting boundaries.

The easiest method of Pet Stain Removal is stopping stains before they start. You might not be able to stand the idea of keeping your pet away from expensive, comfortable area rugs – but this is the best way to ensure your rug remains clean.

Set boundaries for your pets. Where are they allowed and where are they forbidden to go? Think smart. You want your pet to roam in easy-to-clean areas like the kitchen or bathroom, but you don’t want your pet to roam in your carpeted office or living room.

5. Have your family search for stains together.

If you aren’t sure whether your home has been infected with pet stains or not, have your family search each room for signs of set-stains. Red flags could include an odd smell, discoloration, or pet hair. You’ll likely find these stains in areas where your pet regularly spends time. Once you find the stains, eradicate them by getting in touch with a professional steam cleaning service like On Time Steam Cleaning.

6. Have affected areas steam cleaned regularly.

Do you notice that certain areas of your home are more affected by pet stains than others? Have these areas steam cleaned at least once every twelve months? Lower this number to once every six months if you have more than two or three pets.

7. Find the right eco-friendly product for your home.

If you feel strongly about using eco-friendly products in your home – but haven’t been able to find the right pet stain and odor remover – consider our very own cleaner: On Time Vet’s Trust Pet Odor Remover. Our On Time’s Spot Out Spot Remover may also be helpful when it comes to eradicating pet stains. We take great pride in our cleaners and their ability to make your home sparkle. Order online today to receive your first bottle.

8. Consider certain types of animals.

If you haven’t decided on a pet yet, but have concerns about pet stain removal, consider focusing on pets that have a lower stain risk. For example, hypoallergenic dogs don’t shed, eliminating unnecessary pet odors. Guinea pigs remain in cages, containing the mess to a single area. Cats are often the biggest pet stain culprits. We don’t suggest bringing home a kitten if you have concerns about your furniture and ongoing stains in your home.

These eight Pet Stain Removal Tips should help you during the cleaning process. For answers to additional questions, contacting our team at On Time Steam Cleaning. Our professionals are certified, prepared, and interested in making your home as comfortable as possible.

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