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Do you need expert area rug re-fringing services for your precious antique, Oriental, Turkish, kilim or Chinese Art Deco area rugs or contemporary, modern or avant-garde carpets? Look no further! The On Time Steam Cleaning team is your go-to cleaner in the New York, New Jersey and the Connecticut area. Call 1-888-512-2055 today and schedule an appointment with us. We work fast and efficient and we only use the safest and most advanced carpet cleaning and re-fringing products and tools in the industry.

Rug Re-Fringing Services In NY, NJ & CT

One of the first things that all of the technicians we hire periodically are taught is the intrinsic art of restoring fringes, binding and restoring damaged, worn-out or severely affected fringes on all types of carpets. Without the proper understanding of what this process and all of its particularities, we would not be able to offer and maintain the high standards we are widely recognized and appreciated for in all three states we cover.

Each area rug has its unique manufacturing process that includes a certain fringe practice. All of our technicians can rapidly identify all of these procedures by visually inspecting a carpet, based on their rich expertise and know-how in the field.

Fringes are the warps of a rug that are normally made of silk or wool and they are also referred to as the strands that are coming out of the edges of a carpet. Small knots are responsible for holding the fringes together. Most rugs have fringes running from one side to the other, on both ends. Lots of antique rugs come with manually knit strands and they are usually handed down from generation to generation. This means they are more susceptible to certain mechanic re-fringing procedures and they need to be handled with the utmost care and consideration. If you own such an antique area rug that has been in the family for years or one that you bought from a shop that sells original Oriental rugs, our best advice to you is to have an expert handle the area rug re-fringing and binding job for you. Do not risk causing irreparable damage in an attempt to save time or money. We guarantee we can be at your doorstep and pick up your damaged carpets right on time and as scheduled over the phone. We also charge some of the most affordable rug re-fringing prices in town, so you will not have to break the bank to restore the lost charm in your carpets.

Some rugs have fringes made with the help of automated machines that have been later on added to the carpets, once the rest of the surface has been completely woven. Special glue is normally used  to attach these fringes, but we have handled many rugs with sewed fringes on them over the years. If you are the lucky owner of a rug that has been woven manually, the fringes on your carpet have also been weaved and sewed by hand. Special attention must be given to your rugs to avoid further damage. The fringe tassels are the very foundation that is keeping the knots together, and chewing pets, vacuum cleaners and heavy foot traffic can all severely impact the fringes.  Without immediate solutions to fix the problem, you will risk seeing the value of the rug drop significantly provided the knots keep getting pulled apart from the borders of the carpet’s design.

We have the needed experience and tools needed to store any type of fringe, no matter if you are dealing with a decorative braid sliding away from an Oriental rug or a rug with fringes that are unraveling and the knots make of silk slowly sliding away from the carpet. For knotted fringes that are completely torn, our technician will normally decide to untie the fringes, manually secure the ends with stitches or overcast and finally trim the tassels and make them a lot shorter.

Provided the tassels are not knotted unknotted, we will use a similar procedure which should guarantee successful effects in the long term. Our team can 100% guarantee the overcast we are going to use will last for many years to come.

Remember, whether you are dealing with fringes that have been completely torn away from your carpet or you are solely dealing with missing fringes, slightly damaged fringes on the back side or frayed stitching, we can provide you with fast and accurate rug re-fringing solutions tailored to your exact needs.

Rug Binding Repairs In NYC

While fringes do not usually have any impact on the actual value of a carpet, being the byproduct of the weaving, in case they deteriorate, they will significantly decrease the value of the rugs. Damaged tassels that are untying, tearing apart or are worn-out will eventually start to unravel. We can attach, bing or re-fringe prefabricated fringes of any color and style, whether knotted or threaded so they can look as natural and appealing as possible. As often as possible, our technicians will manually apply the new fringes to the rug and try to steer clear from glueing or sewing them. Rug binding is also an excellent technique that allows us to further protect area rugs and carpets and prolong their lifespan, so the process is worth looking into.

Affordable Rug Re-Fringing and Binding Services In NY, NJ&CT

Our team covers the full range of re-fringing, binding and reweaving jobs for all types of area rugs and carpets fringing at affordable and competitive rates in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Give us a call and get a free estimate over the phone or schedule an area rug re-fringing job with us straight away.

Contact us now today and let us secure your fringes, add new ones, weave new fringes for you and bind them to your rugs for top results every time. Call now!

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