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Do you need expert rug reweaving NYC services? Looking for affordable rug repair in NYC, Connecticut, or New Jersey? Call 1-888-512-2055 now! The On-Time Steam Cleaning team is an expert area rug re-weaving service that can handle everything from unraveled rugs to rug repairs and advanced restoration solutions for all types of carpets. Call 1-888-512-2055  now, ask for a free price estimate and let us schedule a meeting with you. Save precious money, time, and energy and enjoy the freshness and comfort of walking on thoroughly cleaned and completely restored rugs in your home.

Rug weaving is a tedious process since lots of antique carpets have been hand weaved using fine wool and natural cotton or silk that require the special attention of our IICRC-certified and experienced cleaners. Whether you own a Persian, Turkish, Chinese Art Deco or Kilim with beautiful patterns and natural dyes, we can assist you on the spot. Here are a few of the most common rug re-weaving services we are hired to do:

  • oriental rug reweaving services
  • area rug repairs
  • area rug restoration solutions
  • hole and tar repairs
  • fringe repairs

Give our unparalleled customer support a call and let us tell you what else we can help you with or have us answer all your questions and concerns. We guarantee our main goal is to run that extra mile for each and every one of the clients coming our way. This oftentimes means spending extra time assessing a rug, testing it for colorfastness and other vulnerabilities and deciding upon the best course of reweaving and restoration techniques. We guarantee zero-damage policies and excellent results every time.

Professional Rug Reweaving Services NY

Since the regular and unavoidable wear-and-tear factor and a lot of foot traffic can easily cause severe damage over the years, we highly recommend you to hire an expert carpet cleaning service that can effectively assess, repair and restore your beloved rugs to their original shape. Whether you are looking at unsightly broken knots, fringes or edges that are about to unravel next time you need to vacuum, give us a call. We have rich experience in the field and we can help you et rid of the stains and faded patches caused by prolonged exposure to direct sunlight responsible for damaging the knows and weaves.

Once our technicians will be done inspecting the fabrics the rug is made of, along with many tears, holes, and unraveled areas, they will write everything down and decide upon the most suitable repair and restoration solutions. They will choose the best type of yarn fabrics and the best matching colors for them. Our technicians have determined that working with natural, fine wool usually leads to superior results, but it is also possible to work with cotton and other fabrics, depending on each particular case. We will also proceed to dye the chosen yarn in color and shade that nest complements your rug, provided we cannot find a suitable color to begin with.

During the actual re-weaving step of the process, we will treat all the affected areas and place the new pieces of yarn in the rug, making sure all knots will match. We will also pay special to the existing patterns and colors and ensure the area rug repair NY is as difficult to spot as possible.

It is also possible to get rid of any additional damaged areas on the carpet and have them replaced with fresh patches. We can fix any small or large holes and fix tears caused by accidental vacuuming or pet accidents.

Keep in mind area rug re-weaving in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut can get expensive. Be smart and hire an experienced and reliable service like ours to enjoy the most competitive prices topped by top-tier services. Why worry about having to invest in a new and expensive area rug when you could pay a fraction of the replacement costs with us?

Area Rug Repair Services

Besides our professional re-weaving services that allow us to restore any rug to its original form, we can also repair a number of machine-made and handmade area rugs, including Karastan, Navajo, Dhurries, Belgian wool, custom rugs, Chinese Art Deco, Turkish, Persian rugs and more.

We will suggest the entire range of repairs that we think would beautify your rugs and make them look and feel more appealing and comfortable. We are also directed towards repairs that can increase the value of your carpets and we always rely upon all of our recommendations after careful assessment and consideration of the fibers, fabrics, weaving techniques, color dyes, and the individual construction of each rug.

The pricing for each rug repair task will depend on the number of hours that need to be put into the task, as well as the type of fabrics that will be used. While you may solely require a simple carpet repair NY job from us, we will also, most likely, perform a deep cleaning of the rug to ensure the well-being of our staff is guaranteed. Plus, a carpet that has not been thoroughly cleaned before the restoration and repair work is initiated is a lot more difficult to work on. This is because of the bacteria and residue embedded in the fibers.

We guarantee all repairs on handmade carpets will be as similar to the original designs of the weavers as possible. We will also retain most of the value of the area rug once the process will be completed. If you need help with a machine-made area rug, you should know that we can considerably boost its usability and appeal with the help of our advanced repair techniques.

Affordable Rug Reweaving Prices in NY, NJ, and CT

Depending on the level of damage your rug is dealing with, the fabrics it is made of, the number and surface of the tears and holes that need our assistance, you can expect to pay more or less for our services. Give us a call, get a free price quote and let us show you why we are considered one of the most competitive rug reweaving and repair service in town.

Call now and let the On Time Steam Cleaning team restore your expensive area rugs at a fraction of the price of buying a new rug.

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Allison Fisher Jen was fantastic and cleaned what I thought was irreparable damage to my rug. Will recommend to others, 10/10 experience.

Maureen ReiningerOn Time Steam Cleaning was true to their schedule and evaluation of my apartment. They did an amazing job and I appreciate how professional they were. Totally recommend them.

Wendy BuckleyI had a great experience today with getting my carpet cleaned by On Time Steam Cleaning. They showed up ontime (of course since that is their name); they knew what they were doing; they got the spots out; they cleaned the whole carpet; they were gone in about 30 minutes. What more could you ask. I recommend them.