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Looking for expert Oriental area rug repair, restoration or reweaving services anywhere in NY, NJ or CT? Call On Time Steam Cleaning at 1-888-512-2055 and let us assist you with top services at affordable prices and fast speeds. Get in touch with us by phone or online, let us give you a free price quote and send over our mobile crews to your location at a date and time that are most convenient to you.

We only work with certified IICRC carpet cleaners and expert cleaning and restoration technicians that obey to the highest industry standards. This also means you should always expect top-tier service, unparalleled customer support, professional advice, and the safest cleaning and repair tools and products. Each area rug is unique and comes with its own particularities, ranging from color dye, weaving technique, yarn, fabrics, age, staining, and fibers. All of these elements will need to be carefully inspected and assessed before deciding upon the best repair or restoration practices. Our main goal is to always preserve and, if possible, increase the value of a restored carpet and bring back its lost beauty, comfort, and uniqueness. Whether it is a fading pattern that you are confronted with because of improper cleaning and washing, a hole, or tear caused by your dog or frayed fringes,  give us a call.

Popular Oriental Area Rug Repair And Restoration Services We Offer

  • carpet repair using compatible yarn
  • yard color matching
  • rug restoration services
  • professional dusting with industrial vacuum cleaners
  • frayed or missing fringe repairs
  • complete area rug reconditioning

Oriental Area Rug Repairs In New York

Some wool rugs can withstand and are even showing good results when specific shampoos are used during the cleaning cycle, post dusting, and vacuuming. Others are dyed with running colors that will immediately start to bleed as soon as the smallest amount of water or chemical will reach their surface. Some carpets can be deep cleaned with the help of steam cleaning practices, while others require industrial machine washing and particular drying techniques.

Only a professional area rug repair service like ours can clearly assess each different type, style, and model of rug that reaches us and determine the most suitable and safe custom solutions for it. No two carpet restoration treatments are the same and they all must take the peculiarities of each rug into careful consideration. This is also the reason why we never recommend our clients to follow DIY instructions found online in an attempt to personally weave a piece of yarn into a torn carpet at home. The procedure takes many years of practice and advanced know-how and skills and it should always be performed by a trained and certified carpet cleaner.

We work with hundreds of yarn, wool, cotton and silk dyes, and pigment and we can repair any heirloom area rug that has been in the family for years or a machine-made oriental rug that has traces of discoloration, small burn, tears, stains or other forms of damage on it.

We can effectively re-weave your carpets, have them re-sized or get you rid of any moth damage, unraveling or pet waste spots on them. We can bring your old and damaged rugs to their initial form, no matter if you own an Egyptian, Turkish, Persian, Chinese Art Deco, Navajo, or Belgian wool rug. For handmade area rug repair tasks, we guarantee the end results will be as similar to the original weaving work as possible. For machine-made rugs, we will do our best to increase their level of usability as well as make them look better than ever.

For this reason, we only work with the most suitable yarn and matching colors and shades that will either perfectly blend in with the rest of your carpet patterns and colors or complement them in a nice way. If you are tired of looking at the same colors on a daily basis, having your carpets restored with the help of some professional re-weaving techniques could have more advantages than you might imagine. We particularly enjoy working with natural fibers, wool, silk, or cotton, but the decision will ultimately depend on the type of yarn and weaving used in manufacturing. It is also possible to dye wool or cotton yarn into the right shades and colors for your rug, so in case we do not have a standard color in stock, rest assured we will be able to produce it.

Our technicians will carefully place all the missing pieces of yarn into place and match the knots and weaving so that there is no visible difference to worry about.

Oriental Rug Restoration Services In NY, NJ & CT

Prior to any area rug restoration job, we will first thoroughly vacuum and clean the carpet in order to protect our repair and restoration technicians from the bacteria and germs that are usually embedded deep within the fibers of the rug. Plus, a dirty rug is always going to be more difficult to restore, especially when complex re-weaving techniques must be used. Rest assured we are only going to use the safest and most advanced cleaning products and methods. We only work with green, eco-friendly cleaners that are non-allergenic and non-toxic and are safe for human use. Once the inspection and cleaning of the rug have been completed, we will proceed to restore frayed fringes om Pakistani, Oriental or Indian rugs, eradicate old stains and spots from Egyptian or Persian rugs and ultimately restore their charm while prolonging their lifespan.

We can tackle end repair and restoration jobs with the help of advanced wrapping methods and yarns paced along the edges, trimming and brushing fo fringes and manual stitches for edge binding in case of side repairs. Our technicians also rely on cloth bindings to prevent more fraying from happening in the future for handmade area rugs.

Holes and tears will be handled by separating the backing and combining different yarn tufts and make sure they fit the initial colors of the rug. We can patch all the holes you may have in your carpet.

Competitive Oriental Area Rug Cleaning Prices

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