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If you are searching for top Persian rug cleaning NYC services in New Jersey, or Connecticut for your heavily soiled, stained, or faded carpets, call 1-888-512-2055 now and schedule an appointment. The On-Time Steam Cleaning team is the number one carpet cleaner in town that specializes in cleaning, restoring, and repairing all types of Persian rugs and other popular Oriental area rugs. We can rapidly assess and eradicate dirt, bacteria, mold, moth damage, pet residue stains, stubborn food spills, and various carpet wear-out problems. We also specialize in repairing broken fringes and restoring old and valuable rugs at a fraction of the price you would normally pay for a new rug.

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Expert Persian Rug Cleaning NY

Persian rugs are some of the most popular antique carpets that can be found in many American homes thanks to the amazing weaving techniques, styles, natural color dyes, and incredible stories behind them. Bidjar rugs, for instance, are woven by the Kurdish people in the North-West of Iran who usually wet the wool while weaving it in order to pack as much extra wool as they can. Kerman Persian rugs feature beautiful flower models and they have a powerful European influence, while Sultanabad rugs originate in Western Iran, dating back in the early 19th century where they were created in small villages by locals. They are also some of the most sought-after types of area rugs throughout the centuries, going well with English and American furniture. In fact, lots of important historical figures have owned such a rug, with names like Sigmund Freud worth mentioning here.

Persian carpets come in an impressive number of styles and designs and, when they are original rugs handed down from generation to generation, their value is oftentimes incommensurable. This means it is important to only work with IICRC-certified carpet cleaners who have experience cleaning Persian rugs and restoring their lost charm or broken fringes.

Persian rugs are also called Iranian rugs are given their geographical origins and they are normally manufactured with the help of quality textile fabrics. They are regarded as symbols of the country and they are exported in all parts of the world. Persian weavers use a unique weaving technique that turns these carpets into some of the best-selling rugs on the planet. Their designs are much more complex compared to other Oriental rugs and they are exclusively made of wool dyed with natural colors and covered in lots of traditional Iranian patterns.

Popular Persian rug cleaning services we offer:

  • complete area rug cleaning services
  • eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaners
  • colorfast tests
  • Persian rug repairs and restoration
  • stain and spill removal
  • rug maintenance
  • deodorization jobs
  • sanitization services

Professional Persian Rug Cleaners NJ

Our Persian carpet cleaners in NY, NJ, and CT know most of the carpets owned by Americans today have been dyed using all-natural, insect- or plant-based dyes. Since these dyes tend to run when water is used for cleaning, different cleaning alternatives must be found. Our experts know exactly how to asses each rug that reaches us and uses the safest, least harmful cleaning method possible. We have lots of years of experience under our belts that allow us to provide expert advice in all matters concerning handmade rugs and the level of cleaning they should each go through. We know more antique rugs are a lot more fragile and less likely to successfully handle a full cleaning process compared to a newer run. We provide tailor-made solutions to match each rug in particular. We always begin the process by assessing the rugs and clearly explaining to the customer what to expect from us. Next, we will proceed to vacuum, spot clean, shampoo, extract the water, dry, and hand finish the procedure.

The Persian Rug Cleaning Process

Wool is a 100% natural air filter thanks to its ability to remove bacteria, dust, or even dampness from the air, at the same time, several layers of dust can easily get embedded into the foundation of a rug, causing it to harden in time and turn brittle. Small dirt particles are very abrasive and they can easily cut into the wool and cotton strands. With the help of a specialized rug beating machine, we can pull out a large amount of dirt prior to washing it. With more than 15,000 vibrations/minute, we will effectively and gently remove all dust particles of deep. Keep in mind that up to a third of a rug’s weight could be represented by trapped dust and moisture, especially when talking about a Persian rug that has not been professionally cleaned in years.

Once the beating and vacuuming will be completed, we will proceed to remove any traces of staining and spotting using gentle, toxic- and allergen-free cleaners that are not harmful for human use or the planet. We can remove coffee or red wine stains and even pet residue staining provided they are not already old and set.

With the help of a special cleaning detergent spray, our technicians will let the grease and dirt dissolve and avoid any color run incidents. This procedure is also good at holding the natural oils in and maintaining the luster of the rugs. We also rely on special shampoos oriented on the tool and other fine fabrics. Our experts will gently remove all traces of surface dirt and make the pile look fresher than ever with the help of slow-speed rotary devices. We can also perform manual labor in case your Persian rug cleaning needs are more sensitive.

Persian Rug Repair & Restoration Services New York

Once the carpet has been cleaned, washed, and dried, we will proceed with the hand finish touches to make sure all to pile strands are clipped the right way. It is very common for longer piles to pop up once the cleaning procedure is complete and our Persian rug cleaners will immediately clip then down to the right size. We will also give the rug one last luster wash to freshen up its colors and natural oils. Our Persian rug restoration services are also dedicated to fringe repairs for improving the appearance of the rug and make it look a lot fresher and newer.

Affordable Persian Carpet Cleaning Services NY, NY & CT

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