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Water damage can be a considerable problem – including burst radiator pipes, flooding from a storm, or unexpected spills. Without immediate treatment, water damage can take a severe toll on your rugs and carpets. This can lead to mildew or growing bacteria. 

If your property is located in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut On Time Steam Cleaning has your back. We have twenty years of experience, and we’re ready to help with Water Restoration problems 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

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When you choose On Time Steam Cleaning, you choose water damage experts who are prepared to restore your damaged property to its full potential. Even better, our technicians will be able to sanitise, deodorize, and dry the affected area. You’ll be amazed at what On Time Steam Cleaning can accomplish with green cleaning methods and a friendly team of experts.

Quality and Savings

When you’re suddenly faced with the aftermath of water damage, Time is of the essence – the longer you wait to restore your property, the more likely the situation will worsen. In addition to structural damage, your building may suffer mold, mildew and other bacteria which can affect your air quality and create a host of health risks for your occupants.

The experts at On Time Steam Cleaning are trained technicians in Water Restoration Services. Once you’ve made an appointment with us, we will assess the damage and determine the best course of restoration. This process includes the following steps:

  • Remove any remaining water from the premises.
  • Dehumidifying the building to avoid further structural and aesthetic damage.
  • Monitoring the relative level of moisture content and humidity present during the de-humidification process in order to return your property to its pre-loss condition.
  • Apply a host of precautionary measures to prevent further contamination (such as mold, mildew or vermin infestation).

Give us just 15 minutes and we’ll explain everything.  When you choose to place your trust in On Time Steam Cleaning and our Water Damage Restoration Services we won’t let you down. We’ll make sure your claims are covered by dealing directly with your insurance company. We know how essential getting your home or business back on-track

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Our Process

When our specialists arrive on the scene, they’ll begin by pumping out any stagnant water. Then, water will be extracted from carpet and upholstery.  If necessary, your carpet will be removed and reinstalled in-line with Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards.

Our professional-grade tools control the drying process throughout our Water Damage Restoration Services, reducing the chances of secondary water damage and the growth of microorganisms. Once your space is completely dry, our specialists will place your furniture and belongings back where you’d like them.

Water Damage Experts

On Time Steam Cleaning employs water restoration experts with credentials from the IICRC.  Our team is prepared to help in a timely, efficient manner. 

Contact On Time Steam Cleaning at (888)-512-2055. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Steps You Can Take Before Professionals Get There

Step One: Assess the Problem

New York Water Damage can happen numerous ways; a burst pipe, a city-wide flood, a leaking faucet, a damaged roof. Handling each possibility starts with assessing the problem. If you know about possible damage in advance, what can be done to avoid it? How much of your business or home is endangered? Is this a small, medium, or large issue?

Answering the latter question will help you decide how quickly to move through the process. For example, in the case of a leaking faucet, you can place a bucket below the leak and contact a team of professionals at your earliest convenience. On the other hand, in the case of a hurricane or city-wide flood, preventative measures should be taken and professionals should be contacted immediately.

Step Two: Find the Source of the Leak

Once you’ve assessed your damage you should attempt to find the source of the leak, if you haven’t already. This step should be done in tandem with Step Three (Remove Valuable Items). If you have more than one helper on hand, divide and conquer. If you’re alone, start with Step Two. This step is really quite simple. If you can stop the leak without professional assistance, do so. If you can’t, skip to Steps Three and Four.

Step Three: Remove Valuable Items

You’ve assessed the damage. You’ve found the cause of the leak and/or contact a team of professionals. Now, the Time has come to remove any valuable items in harm’s way. Furniture, cash, jewellery, bedding, area rugs, wood pieces, artwork – anything that can’t stand against water should be taken to a safe, dry location. We suggest laying down towels to avoid possible carpet damage. We should add that Step Three should be skipped entirely if your well-being is at stake. Insurance companies will cover the cost of damaged belongings. They can’t replace you.

Step Four: Call New York Water Damage Experts

If you haven’t already, call a team of water damage experts to put your home and/or business back in order. At On Time Steam Cleaning, we specialize in Water Damage Restoration. 

Call our team at (888)-512-2055. We’re more than happy to offer useful advice and a helping hand. Our team can help remove valuable furniture, artwork, and other belongings from afflicted areas. We can also help you with Step Five (Choosing a Course of Action).

Step Five: Choose a Course of Action

Now that you’re working with a team of experts, the Time has come to develop a course of action. What steps will you follow to get your home or business back in order? This process should start with a thorough steam cleaning of the affected area(s), as well as any furniture or area rugs that were damaged. Next, you’ll want to ensure the source of the leak is eliminated, whether that source is a particularly bad storm, a leaky roof, or a burst pipe. Finally, you’ll want to file a claim with your insurance company (if necessary) and re-organize your space. If your office was damaged, contact your customers to share that your company is clean, fresh, and ready for business.

Step Six: Practice Prevention Against Future New York Water Damage

Now that you’ve experienced New York Water Damage, we highly suggest practicing prevention in the future. This means having your plumbing regularly inspected, reinforcing your home or business against hurricanes and city-wide floods, and keeping the right tools on-hand. Prevention is half the battle. Keeping a reliable steam cleaning company on speed dial is the other half.

On-Time Steam Cleaning

At On Time Steam Cleaning, we specialize in both commercial and residential cleaning. We offer area rug cleaning services, water damage restoration, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, air vent purification, and hardwood floor cleaning – among other services. You can also follow our Facebook Page for ongoing updates and tips about important issues like New York Water Damage.

Our company is one of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut’s finest. Don’t believe us? Our reviews speak for themselves.

Here are some recent comments from our satisfied customers:

Lisa (Brooklyn, New York) – “The bad news is they weren’t able to get the huge, orange NyQuil stain out of our cream-coloured kilim rug. (A word of advice – keep liquid cold medicine in the bathroom.) But [On Time] was so easy to work. And, get this, they didn’t charge us for the cleaning service since they weren’t able to get the stain out! We ended up using what we saved to buy a new rug, which was on sale for half price. I will gladly call the company again for cleaning.”

Erica (New York, New York) – “I recently used On Time Steam Cleaning to remove a massive coffee spill…my apartment smelled like Starbucks! On Time Steam Cleaning came to the rescue! They were easy to communicate with and very professional. The cleaning was reasonably priced…I highly recommend these guys! Very professional service.”

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Ora Mullins

Great experience with Luisa and Lucia for a first-time cleaning. They showed up within the agreed-upon window and finished in the estimated time frame on budget…

Krishna Herd
Wow! They did a fantastic job cleaning my carpet throughout my entire home! The carpet had considerable traffic stains and they were able to get them all out!…

Clemence Bryant

Very prompt and courteous. Also, they did an amazing job cleaning the carpets. I was certain that the living room carpet was not savable, but once they cleaning it, it looked great. Highly recommended!

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