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If you own a silk area rug that has been in your home for a few years, you have probably faced a few unavoidable accidental spilling incidents by now. The spills may have left your area rug looking dull, dirty, unsightly like it has lost its charm and beauty. A silk rug that is kept in good shape will look good and feel comfortable to step on. After all, these rugs are considered to be the uncrowned queens of fine carpeting. On the other side, a stained, dirty silk rug will trigger the opposite effects.

No matter what kind of a silk area rug problem you might be dealing with, whether you need emergency help with a nasty and stubborn stain or you need periodical maintenance for your silk rugs in your vacation home you visit twice a year, we are here to assist. We are IICRC-certified carpet cleaners up-to-date with the most recent releases in the industry. This means we know what are the best cleaning procedures and steps to follow for a safe and effective cleaning job every time. Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a free estimate and let us handle your every need with the care and professionalism that you deserve.

Why Silk Rugs Should Be Handled With Extra Care

Area rugs made of silk are, needless to say, some of the most fragile and delicate types of carpets you could select for your home. While the silk fibers are delicate on their own, silk on itself is quite durable, which turns the existence of these rugs into a paradox for many. Our skilled and experienced technicians are familiarized with the manufacturing process and craftsmanship of these area rugs. They know exactly how to assess, test and clean these carpets without causing any additional damage.

Our Professional Silk Rug Cleaning Services

The wrong cleaning product used on your precious silk rug could immediately cause staining or some different type of damage done to the fibers. Repairing a silk rug that has been in your family for generations will cost a lot more than you would be willing to pay. Why risk going through this kind of hassle when you could be sipping your favorite cup of coffee while we would take care of the cleaning for you in a professional manner?

We know how to test, assess, choose the right cleaning method that is most suitable for your exact type of rug and provide you with the custom-made solutions you need. Keep in mind silk is like no other fabric and should be handled with a lot more care compared to other types of carpeting.

The Cleaning Process

  • Upon assessing your silk rugs for the first time, our expert cleaners will establish all the fabrics in them in order to reveal the most suitable cleaning procedures. Some could cause irreversible damage to your beloved carpet, so this step of the process is mandatory.
  • Our technicians will further determine the type of staining you are confronted with in order to decide upon an even more efficient approach.
  • The colors your silk rug is covered in will also play an important role in the same process. Whether they are prone to run while the rug will be washed with water is a huge factor our cleaners will take into account. Most silk area rugs are dyed with running colors, which means trying to wash them on your own at home could cause a disaster.
  • The presence of any additional wool or nylon fibers embedded into the silk will also influence the way we will tackle the cleaning.

To prevent any unwanted problems and complications, it is best to only rely on authorized and certified cleaners who know exactly what they are doing. The On Time Steam Cleaning team is your go-to service when in need of complex stain removal or regular silk rug cleaning. We can save you time, money and energy and guarantee a satisfying result every time. Allow us to add many more years to the life of your silk area rug with our skills and expert techniques. Not all carpet cleaners know how to handle special silk area rugs, so do not simply choose the company that crosses your path online. Rely on the experience and professionalism of our IICRC-certified technicians.

Silk Rug Restoration Services

We can help restore any type of silk area rug, no matter how old, damaged or dirty. We can do it at a fraction of the money you would normally pay to buy a new one. We handle all types of silk area rugs, including Oriental, Chinese and Persian. We complete manual restoration on each and every silk area rug that reaches us.

Free, Zero-Obligation Estimates And Affordable Prices

We charge some of the most affordable silk rug cleaning prices in the industry thanks to our advanced cleaning techniques and state-of-the-art tools. We also offer free estimates that come with zero obligations for a fully transparent process.

Call today and schedule an appointment with us and we will make sure to provide die you with the fastest, most affordable and efficient services possible!