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At On Time Steam Cleaning, we make sure your home shines while prioritizing the planet. GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: We’re committed to using ingredients that are clean, green, and safe.



At On Time Steam Cleaning, we’re not just about cleaning; we’re about rejuvenating your living spaces. We’re excited to offer you four premium options to enhance and protect your floors:

MAKE YOUR FLOORS CLEAN with our premium options and see the difference for yourself!



At On Time Steam Cleaning, we offer incredible, unmatched services right here in New York. **Service You Can Trust**—with  well-equipped staff members, we’re here to provide you with reliable and trustworthy service.

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Commercial and Residential Tile and Grout Deep Cleaning Service

Different floors require different methods of maintenance. Unlike concrete floors, ceramic tiles add an elegant finish to your office space. However, debris and dirt often accumulate in the grout between the tile. This damaged grout can eventually disintegrate the floor. Our team specializes in Tile Floor Cleaning.

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Our Grout and Tile Floor Cleaning Process

On-Time Steam Cleaning experts supply extra effort when cleaning your tile and grout. Eco-friendly cleaning solutions are applied, loosening filth and stains. Then, high water pressure and hot water are used in combination to clean away the mess. The water is vacuumed from your floor tiles. This process takes roughly an hour, maybe two, based on floor dimensions. Finally, machines are used to dry the surface of your tile floor. We inspect for any possible damage. Then, we seal to safeguard against stains.

Marble Cleaning Services

At On Time Steam Cleaning, we offer marble cleaning and polishing services. Initially, the marble looks attractive and glossy. Over time, however, it loses its sheen. Our team thoroughly cleans all marble floors, rather than relying on water and detergents alone. We use equipment and cleaning solutions that are effective and eco-friendly. Scratches are covered with polish, shining your marble floors and leaving an attractive, glossy surface.

Tile Floor Cleaning at On Time Steam Cleaning

Call On Time Steam Cleaning at (888)-512-2055 for a quote on tile cleaning, grout cleaning, or marble polishing. Our work is fully guaranteed.

While it can’t be proven statistically, it can certainly be proven aesthetically that hardwood, carpet, and tile in your home or business makes the biggest impression on visitors. Nothing says “clean” like a freshly vacuumed carpet or a shiny hardwood floor. Because our flooring takes up such a significant amount of space (second only to our walls), it feels like the finishing touch. Can a room really be clean if the carpet has stains and the hardwood has scratches? Much like an unmade bed, a dirty floor can ruin the big picture. Fortunately, Floor Cleaning Companies can keep your home or business comfortable.

How can you tell which floor company is right for your space? These trademarks of excellent Floor Cleaning Companies should help you decide.

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(1) They’ll Come Right Away

When you call a top-notch cleaning company, they’ll schedule an appointment as soon as possible. You won’t be stuck waiting weeks or months for an opening. Why? Because excellent Floor Cleaning Companies invest in a healthy-sized staff. You’ll also find that professionals arrive on-time. They are prepared with the right equipment, and they sincerely care about the appointment you’ve set. You aren’t a one-and-done job when you choose the right team of experts.

(2) They’ll Answer All of Your Questions

An excellent team of floor cleaners will answer all of your questions, no matter how many you ask. To prove that our team is top-notch, we’ll answer some general questions about our services right here, right now:

Hardwood Floor Cleaning. Our service can extend the life of your wood floors while leaving them clean and healthy. We use commercial-grade, eco-friendly cleaners that attack dust, dirt, and oil. We don’t just clean the surface. Our team extracts hidden dirt from within the boards. Then, we hand-clean your hardwood and apply a protective coating. Our service includes several steps: debris removal, scrubbing, detailed hand cleaning, second scrubbing, and top coat application.

Carpet Cleaning. Did you know that carpet can hold bacteria, dirt, dust mites, pet hair, and other allergens? We think of your carpet as a built-in air filter. You should have your carpet professionally cleaned every six to twelve months. And no, you don’t need to move your furniture. We can handle that for you. We’ll even move it back when we’re finished.

Tile and Grout Cleaning. You’ll often find tile in your bathroom and/or kitchen. Properly cleaning tile can be difficult, especially tile with grout. Dirt and contaminants can build up over time, even if you never see them. Home cleaning methods can’t always reach the build-up, making it necessary to hire a team of professionals. Our powerful vacuum and specialized cleaning solution will remove the dirt your cleaners cannot.

(3) They’ll Only Use Eco-Friendly Products

Unfortunately, some Floor Cleaning Companies use harmful chemicals. Why? Because these cleaning agents are generally cheaper and easier to find. Professionals don’t care what cleaning agents are cheap or easily accessible. They care about the health and safety of your family. Chemicals can produce harmful emissions that contaminate the air around you. They can cause respiratory illnesses, sinus conditions, or complications. If your home or business isn’t properly aerated, the risk increases – and great companies don’t like to take risks with their customers. An eco-friendly cleaning company makes you the priority and – thus – is an excellent cleaning company.

(4) They’ll Focus on Cleanliness Rather Than Appearance

Experts are focused on getting the job done right. They don’t care how your home looks. At least, not as much as they care about the actual cleanliness of your home. For example, a mediocre cleaning company might vacuum your floor and call it finished. While it might look clean, it isn’t actually as clean as it could be with a full steam cleaning.

(5) They’ll Provide Tips and Tricks For Ongoing Maintenance

Proper Floor Cleaning Companies don’t care solely about profit. If you ask how you can maintain your floor to ensure steam cleaning is required as infrequently as possible, a professional team of experts will provide honest answers. For example, daily sweeping and vacuuming can contribute significantly toward extra months without steam cleaning. You should also dust before vacuuming, rather than after. And invest in welcome mats to protect your carpet from wear and tear, especially during the cold winter months. Finally, avoid using hairspray on tile bathroom floors. The spray can stick and stain, leaving a completely invisible layer of chemicals. Instead, spray your hair outside or in a concrete garage.

(6) They’ll Follow Up

If a company truly cares about you and your business or family, they’ll follow up. They’ll give you a call to ask how your space is faring. They might even offer tips or discounts for your next cleaning appointment. Some companies go above and beyond, scheduling your next appointment when your first one ends. This isn’t to pull money from your wallet. Rather, it’s to make sure the most convenient date for you is saved in the company calendar well ahead of time. You’ve become a priority customer. And the experts visiting your home or business will always be familiar with your space, allowing for a personalized cleaning experience.

On Time Steam Cleaning

At On Time Steam Cleaning, we specialize in commercial and residential tile, hardwood, and carpet cleaning. We consider ourselves one of the finest Floor Cleaning Companies in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut area. Our team of professionals uses commercial-grade equipment and eco-friendly cleaning agents – guaranteeing a safe and long-lasting clean for your space. Call our team at (888) 512-2055 to schedule an appointment or visit our website to learn more about our company. You can also follow our Facebook page for ongoing tips and tricks from our blog.


Tips to Keep Your Kitchen and Bathroom Comfortable

Have you ever walked into your kitchen or bathroom and thought, “Holy wow. This tile needs some serious scrubbing.” We’ve all been there. Your kitchen, bathroom, foyer, and dining room can all be improved with professional Tile Steam Cleaning. In this article, we’re going to walk you through common tile cleaning knowledge. We’ll also answer some popular questions about Tile Steam Cleaning along the way. Let’s get started!

1. Grout Steam Cleaning is Regularly Paired With Tile Steam Cleaning

Do you know the difference between tile and grout? Tiles are ceramic or plastic panels that pad your floors and walls. Grouting fills the space between these tiles. It comes in a powder form and keeps each tile in place. Ungrouted tile exists in some homes, but the occurrence is rare. For the most part, Tile Steam Cleaning and Grout Cleaning take place at the same time – as it’s nearly impossible to clean one without touching the other.

2. Tile and Grout Are Notoriously Difficult to Clean

Both tile and grout are well-known for their frustrating qualities. Many homeowners already have experience with failed attempts to clean tile floors and walls. Regular mopping and home tile cleaners are never enough to get the job done properly. Over time, the problem becomes increasingly disturbing. Have you ever noticed stains in the grout between your tiles? This is the worst side effect that comes from leaving your tile and grout untreated. Orange, green, or yellow grout is not aesthetically pleasing and can actually keep visitors from using your bathroom or kitchen.

3. Tile Steam Cleaning Includes Showers, Counter tops, and Floors

When you have your home professionally steam cleaned, tile and grout cleaning will cover whatever tile touches – including counter tops, floors, showers, and appliances. No amount of tile or grout will be left untouched. We get behind furniture, underneath built-ins, and between cracks. As we say in our Tile and Grout Cleaning Page, “We can boldly go where bottled cleaners and household mops have never gone before!”

Tile requires a deep clean that will eliminate dirt and contaminants that have built up over time. These contaminants can make your tile look dull and uninviting. It can even make your tile looked stained and perpetually messy. Our system will safely clean tile by removing contaminants with heat, a special (and eco-friendly) cleaning solution, and vacuum power. Using a high-pressure rinse, we get the job done right. When properly maintained, a Tile Steam Cleaning could last for six to twelve months without losing its fresh look.

4. Professionals Use Protective Seals

After On Time Steam Cleaning Professionals have completely cleaned your tile and grout, we apply a penetrating sealer to protect your grout from mildew and staining. This stain can last for twenty-four months. We also have special grout color sealing that can keep your colored grout from losing its stylish shade. We also recommend you consider plaster – a permeable material that ingests residue and spills – to serve as grout. A connected sealant can provide an even stronger defensive boundary, making it easy to clean spills before they damage your tile.

5. Tile Steam Cleaning Should Take Place Once Every Six to Twelve Months

As we’ve mentioned earlier in this article, Tile Steam Cleaning should take place annually or biannually. To decide how often your home should experience tile and grout cleaning, take photos of your bathroom, kitchen, and foyer areas after they’ve been professionally cleaned. Once these rooms no longer resemble the photos, the time has come for a touch-up. Fortunately, stains in tile or grout are easy to spot. As long as you pay attention, you’ll know when to make the call. (Our number is (888) 512-2055 by the way. We look forward to hearing from you!)

6. Sealant Can Protect Your Grout Lines From Stains

We want to emphasize the importance of sealing your grout lines. This can save you costly replacement fees in the future – and will keep your home feeling fresh. After sealant has been applied, you’ll need to wait roughly half an hour before coming into contact with the surface in question. After twenty-four hours, the sealant will be completely dry. That’s it. Once the process is over, you can enjoy your home more comfortably, knowing not all damage (even fruit punch and rust damage) is permanent.

Definition: Clear Seal is an imperceptible layer of assurance that enters into the pores of your grout. It gives you an opportunity to clean before stains set. Although popular in many homes, this sealant isn’t waterproof.

7. Tile Steam Cleaning Makes Your Home Immaculate

At the end of the day, Tile Steam Cleaning can be the difference between a perfect home and a mediocre home. You want your counter tops, shower, appliances, floors, and back splashes to shine for all guests to see. Rather than taking a chance, invest in professional cleaning. In the meantime, focus on maintenance by purchasing eco-friendly cleaners, treating stains as soon as they occur, and keeping an eye on the state of your tile.

At On Time Steam Cleaning, we offer a variety of unique residential and commercial steam cleaning services. Contact our team to schedule an appointment today!

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