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If you are the owner of a viscose rug, you are probably already aware of at least some of the cleaning problems that you are prone to experience with these unique rugs. Unfortunately, viscose rugs are as much beautiful to admire as they are hard to clean and maintain. If you are currently dealing with heavily soiled or stained viscose carpets covered in pet urine or dirt, and you need emergency assistance, give us a call! We specialize in professional, safe, and affordable viscose rug cleaning services and we warmly invite you to get in touch with us for any questions or concerns regarding your viscose carpeting.

Viscose Rug Cleaning Services We Offer

As expert carpet and area rug cleaners who have been in the business for many years, we know just how to assess, clean, wash, vacuum, and dry any type of area rug that reaches us. Viscose rugs are some of, if not the most sensitive types of carpets that we are periodically asked to work with. They are more sensitive than silk rugs as they have a number of vulnerabilities that we are going to briefly discuss a little later.

These are some of the most popular viscose rug cleaning services we are hired to do:

  • viscose carpet assessments
  • viscose rug cleaning using non-harmful products and cleaning techniques
  • viscose rugs vacuuming
  • drying in temperature-controlled rooms with special grooming methods
  • stain and spill removal, including pet waste stains, old and fresh

The Vulnerabilities of Viscose Rugs

Steam cleaning is one of the most harmful and risky cleaning methods that you could opt for when it comes to rugs made of viscose. While these carpets are extremely beautiful and popular in many homes and commercial spaces due to their incredibly soft sheen and luxurious designs, they are also manufactured with the help of fibers that are made by humans in specialized viscose factories. These fibers do not withstand foot traffic very well, because they are extremely weak. They also tend to lose half of their strength when they become wet during washing, when an accidental liquid spillage occurs, because of high humidity levels inside the house, or home floods.

Viscose is, therefore, not a very smart option when it comes to reliable and sturdy floor covering, and cleaning and maintaining it is also incredibly difficult and almost always requires the attention and help of professional viscose rug cleaners.

Viscose originates in cotton, wood, or bamboo, but its fiber only contains cellulose. In other words, the plant used to manufacture viscose needs to be subject to a special chemical process in order for all the rest of the fibers to be removed, except for the cellulose fibers. The respective chemical process relies on a series of toxic chemicals like Carbon Disulfide that is required to separate the cellulose from the plant’s materials. The process also results in large amounts of waste that is toxic. This waste is also particularly too complicated to dispose of safely and manufacturing facilities that produce viscose or rayon are no longer allowed to operate in the US. Viscose is currently produced in India and Thailand.

The resulting cellulose is used to create a special fiber necessary to make the fabric known as viscose, along with viscose carpeting. The fibers can be glued or woven onto some sort of backing material. Viscose is almost as fragile as paper; the fiber’s weakness is its main fault and vulnerability. Compared to wool fibers that can easily bend and stretch up to 10,000 times prior to breaking, viscose can only withstand around 70 stretching attempts.

Unfortunately, viscose fibers are even more prone to breaking when they are wet. Since washing them requires to use water, you can expect them to lose roughly 50% of their original strength. Whenever the fibers break, they will look severely discolored and dirty, eventually causing the rugs to lose their beautiful sheen. Never try to manually wash or steam clean your viscose rugs at home, or you will risk causing irreparable damage.

We strongly recommend you to hang your precious viscose carpets up on your walls instead of using them for the purpose of covering your floors. The apparently simple act of walking on these rugs will cause them to become dull and discolored and eventually get irreversibly damaged.

Our Expert Viscose Rug Cleaning and Vacuuming Solutions

Our IICRC-certified viscose carpet cleaners know all about the frequent shedding tied to these otherwise gorgeous rugs. If you have never confronted with the matter of fiber pulls in relation to your rugs before, you should know that viscose is probably the most susceptible type of fiber prone to get damaged by fiber pulling.

We know just how and when to vacuum this type of carpeting and steer clear from powerful vacuuming, as well as the equally harmful power head or beater bar options. Our technicians only work with advanced, safe, professional-grade vacuum cleaners that will not cause any harm to your precious rugs.

We are also your go-to experts if you are looking for affordable viscose carpet cleaning near me services that can cater to the needs of your colored carpeting. Most of the dyes in these rugs tend to bleed or run when water touches them, which is why it is important to tackle them using the most suitable washing practices that do not involve the use of fresh water.

Cleaning a viscose rug also means knowing how to prevent the water, washing liquid or even a small amount of humidity from a steam cleaner from causing the viscose fibers to turn brown or yellow. This occurs as a result of the natural process of oxidization that the cellulose in the fibers is subject to.

Stain Removal Solutions

Whether you are dealing with a fresh liquid spill, a few older food stains, or pet waste spotting, we are here to assist you with the best eco-friendly stain removal products and the most efficient and non-harmful cleaning methods.

Fresh spills need to be tackled as soon as possible by immediately blotting them and using the right stain removers suited for the type of stain they need to work against. We never initiate any stain removal or rug cleaning procedure prior to completing a test on an inconspicuous surface, so rest assured we will never risk damaging your rugs by using the inappropriate cleaning methods.

We also know how to prevent the risk of extensive matting and crushing which normally occurs once a viscose rug has been emerged in water or even splashed by it. When matting occurs, it means that the naps will proceed to dry in different directions, and not in a uniform and smooth manner that it responsible or the gorgeous finish similar to that of silk rugs. This is because of the weakness of the fibers which prevents them from springing back up and sitting straight, the way they should. This can be fixed by our expert technicians with the help of the right grooming techniques.

Efficient and Affordable Viscose Rug Cleaning Services

Give us a call, get your free viscose carpet cleaning estimate and let us schedule a quick and affordable cleaning job for your precious carpets. Our rices are unbeatable and they will save you a lot of money on buying new rugs or having the old ones professionally restored.

Call today and let us show you why we are the number one viscose rug cleaner in town!

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