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At On Time Steam Cleaning, we make sure your home shines while prioritizing the planet. GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: We’re committed to using ingredients that are clean, green, and safe.



At On Time Steam Cleaning, we’re not just about cleaning; we’re about rejuvenating your living spaces. We’re excited to offer you four premium options to enhance and protect your floors:

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At On Time Steam Cleaning, we offer incredible, unmatched services right here in New York. **Service You Can Trust**—with  well-equipped staff members, we’re here to provide you with reliable and trustworthy service.

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Most homeowners and tenants alike tend to have a very difficult time cleaning their windows. They don’t like doing it, they don’t have the time and energy for it, or they simply lack the skills, tools, and cleaning products. Or they are unable to easily reach all the surfaces of their windows without risking to fall over from a tall height or injure themselves in the process. While you might have heard of the amazing benefits of vinegar or ammonia for your windows, and you have friends or neighbors who use newspapers or baby diapers to keep their windows as clean as possible, you may not have the time to test out these procedures yourself. Or you have 20 windows around your home or commercial space, and you simply do not have time to maintain all of them clean all year long.

But since you do not wish to look at your dirty windows all day long either, whether, inside your home or office, you may be interested to know what are your alternatives. The simplest, fastest, and most convenient solution would be to hire an expert window cleaning service like ours. The On-Time Steam Cleaning team specializes in a number of cleaning jobs. And window cleaning counts among them. Our experienced, skilled, and friendly technicians are ready to handle all the pesky scrubbing and cleaning for you. We can provide you with a full window cleaning process that will get the streak-free cleaning done for you in no time. There will be no nasty dripping or streaks that are unbearable to look at. And you will not have to worry about finding the tallest and sturdiest ladders and test your balance in the meanwhile!


What Can We Do For Your Dirty Windows?

  • We thoroughly rub and scrub all of your windows and effectively release any grime, dirt, grease, or airborne contaminants that might have built up.
  • We use professional-grade equipment to get rid of up to 99.9% of the dirt and remaining water.
  • Finally, we wipe clean and dry all the edges and sills and leave the glass on your windows looking sparkling clean.
  • We can provide you with one-time window cleaning services for emergencies, such as an unexpected visit you would want your home to look in pristine shape for, or an upcoming office party.
  • We can also provide repeat services and maintain your windows looking sparkling clean all the time, not only on special occasions. We can customize the best types of services for your needs and create the most efficient residential or commercial window cleaning schedules that would best work in your favor. We will work around your schedule and make sure there will be no severe disruptions.
  • We offer affordable services and even work out nice discounts for your frequent requests. Get in touch with us today and get a free estimate of what it would cost to have your windows cleaned professionally starting today.
  • We can provide you with interior and exterior cleaning services for your windows every half a year, and exterior cleanings every three months. We carefully assess your custom window cleaning needs based on the area where you are located, as well as any relevant variables such as pets, children, cooking, or exposure to dust and traffic pollutants.


What To Expect From Our Technicians?

  • On-Time Steam Cleaning technicians have all passed through a series of pre-screening testing. And they are all insured and bonded. In the event something goes wrong during the process, you will be covered for any damages done to your property. All of our employees wear a photo ID badge and are fully equipped for the job, so you will know for a fact that your home or commercial space will be in the hands of real pros.
  • We have a special “Streak-Free Guarantee” that should bring you the peace of mind you are looking for – we know how dreadful those streaks and smear can truly be! We can also provide you with a series of other cleaning services for your carpets, floors, upholstery, and many more, so you can make sure your entire homes feel and actually is spotless all year-round.
  • Our prices are some of the most competitive in the market. We warmly invite you to get in touch with us, introduce us to your window cleaning needs, and let us provide you with a free and most accurate estimate of the final costs.
  • All of our technicians have been specially coached to offer all of our clients the very best service possible. You can rely on our quality services in complete confidence and rest assured each and every one of your windows will receive the necessary care and attention.
  • If for any reason, you may not be fully satisfied with our service, you can get in touch with us and we will return to your address as soon as possible and correct the problem. Give us a call, and get ready to experience the leading standards in the cleaning industry and customer service, as well as top professionalism and high-quality jobs.

We have got the right tools, knowledge, and experience to turn the tedious window washing chore into a successful one – every time! Try us!

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Allison Fisher Jen was fantastic and cleaned what I thought was irreparable damage to my rug. Will recommend to others, 10/10 experience.

Maureen ReiningerOn Time Steam Cleaning was true to their schedule and evaluation of my apartment. They did an amazing job and I appreciate how professional they were. Totally recommend them.

Wendy BuckleyI had a great experience today with getting my carpet cleaned by On Time Steam Cleaning. They showed up ontime (of course since that is their name); they knew what they were doing; they got the spots out; they cleaned the whole carpet; they were gone in about 30 minutes. What more could you ask. I recommend them.