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Do you need fast, efficient, and affordable Wool Rug Cleaning NYC services? Looking for emergency wool rug repair NJ or wool rug restoration CT services? Give the On Time Steam Cleaning team a call at 1-888-512-2055! We specialize in the entire array of dusting, cleaning, shampooing, drying, repairing and restoring jobs for expensive hand-made wool carpets. Get your free quote today and let us schedule an appointment for you today.

Rugs made of natural sheep, camel, or oxen wool are high-quality products usually made of compressed fabrics folded into tiny ridges. Cleaning and regular maintenance become difficult for the untrained owner. We can assist you with any type of wool rug cleaning and restoration job for your handmade carpets. We know exactly which level of intensity to use during the shampooing, spot removal, or deep cleaning procedures. Since we work with lots of hand-made rugs made of wool, we know how to balance our procedures and use tailor-made procedures for the most vulnerable rugs coming our way.

Professional Wool Rug Cleaning Services We Provide

  • wool rug consultation and assessment
  • advanced wool rug shampooing and cleaning for wool and mixed fabrics
  • environmental-friendly cleaners
  • non-toxic substances
  • stain removal
  • wool rug repair
  • wool rug restoration

Wool Rug Dust Removal Services NY

Wool rugs are known to trap large amounts of dust, dirt, and bacteria. While wool is a powerful air filter that attracts these harmful elements from the air, it is also known to store them year after year, layer after layer. Eventually, the dirt and fine dust will settle deep into the foundation and fibers of the carpet, turning it brittle and gradually cutting the strands in the pile or warp. To get rid of the deeply embedded dust, we will rely on manual or automatic beating machines, depending on the severity of the problem we will discover.

Prior to the washing and shampooing procedures, we will try to remove as much of the dirt inside the rug as possible. With more than 10,000 vibrations per minute, our beating machines guarantee top-quality work and satisfying results. The beating process, however, is a delicate one that ensures zero-damage to the rug, while all dust layers are accurately removed. In some cases, for extremely dirty rugs, our technicians managed to extract a third of the total weight of the rug in the form of dust, dirt, and moisture trapped inside. Our technique also helps prevent the dirt from further diffusing into the pile, once water will reach it during the shampooing and cleaning phase.

Spot Cleaning Services For Wool Carpets In NJ

More often than not, the wool carpets we are asked to clean are covered in more or less stubborn or unsightly stains and spots. With the help of 100% eco-friendly, safe and non-allergenic cleaners, we will do our best to eradicate these stains. Fresh stains that have not had the time to set are always easier to tackle, so the sooner you will contact us and let us work our magic, the better. While we cannot 100% guarantee the effective results of each wool rug stain removal job we are hired to do, we can promise you that we will struggle to remove most of the spots and considerably lower the impact of the stains on the aesthetics of your carpeting. Hire us to remove anything from red wine, tea, coffee, or cat and dog urine stains and we will help you completely get rid of them, provided they are still rather fresh in the fibers. It will also help to provide us with as many details as possible concerning the nature of the stains so we can find the best mix of stain removal substances and avoid any damage.

Wool Carpet Cleaning CT

Once all the dust and spots have been effectively removed from the wool rug, we will proceed to have the carpet professionally washed with the help of cleaning detergents that will be sprayed onto the surface. The role of these sprays is to thoroughly dissolve all remaining traces of grease while making sure the dye colors will not begin to bleed. The same procedure is suitable for maintaining the natural oils inside the wool’s fibers intact, thus contributing to maintaining the rug’s beauty in the long run.

Our technicians will use a gentle and non-toxic shampoo to wash the rug. We only rely on wool-safe cleaners that can easily get rid of any surface dirt, while freshening the piles and warps. We work with the most advanced rotary carpet cleaning machines at slow speeds so we can get as deep into the pile as possible. Our IICRC-certified wool rug cleaners CT can also perform the manual washing of the rug, in case of antique carpets that are too fragile to withstand the use of automated machines.

With the help of industry-grade crystalizing shampoo, your rugs will continue to clean themselves for a few days after the original cleaning procedure has been completed. This means the remaining traces of shampoo will keep drawing in and absorbing debris and dust, then remove them during regular vacuuming.

Wool Rug Repair & Restoration NY

Once the cleaning and thorough drying processes have been completed, it is time to carefully assess all high-pile strands and determine which of them need to be clipped. Longer strands will be immediately taken care of and cut to the right size with the help of specialized weaving clippers for knotted carpets that have been weaved with wool that has been worsted by hand. This means the wool has been twisted by hand, with the pile twisting back on its own. To further repair a wool rug, we can also proceed to replace missing fringes or have broken ones repaired. We also specialize in advanced luster washing procedures that that ensure proper restoration of the natural oils found inside the fine wool.

Competitive Wool Rug Cleaning NY Prices

We offer free price estimates for wool rug cleaning services in the New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey areas and unparalleled customer support and prices on all of our services.

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