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The Brooklyn neighborhood of New York City’s Bay Ridge is located in the southwest. Its northern boundary is set by Sunset Park, its eastern boundary by Dyker Heights, its western boundary by the Narrows and Belt Parkway, and its southern boundary by Fort Hamilton Army Base and the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge. Fort Hamilton is a sub-neighborhood that includes the part of Bay Ridge that is south of 86th Street.

WHAT TO AIM FOR a tranquil, suburban-style waterfront community that is diverse and well-kept. THE WAY OF LIFE Family-friendly and unpretentious. Everybody has a unique combination of favorite local hangouts. UNPREDICTABLE APPEAL gentrification’s absence A MARKET Single-family and multi-family homes that are reasonably priced, along with a few co-ops and truly exceptional properties. QUIET, LOCAL LIVING ON THE WATER WILL WIN YOUR LOVE. Attributes Brooklyn, New York City Around the Block

downtown Bay Ridge is in our service area

Some people complain that the same national chains control the retail landscape in particular New York City neighborhoods, but this is not true of Bay Ridge. Despite the fact that it may not be home to important cultural institutions, Bay Ridge is said to have the most happy hour bars on the planet. The bustling after-work scene along Third Avenue will force you to take that claim seriously, even if it is perhaps questionable. A green space for all seasons, Owl’s Head Park is tucked away in the northwest corner. One person’s summer picnic spot may be another person’s winter sledding destination. A thriving oasis created and maintained by the locals, Narrows Botanical Gardens is a sanctuary along the coast. If you like Bay Bridge then check out Flatlands

On Time Steam Cleaning is a carpet and rug cleaning company serving the neighborhood of Bay Ridge and the surrounding neighborhoods. Welcome to New York if you’re new here, and don’t hesitate to call us if you need a deep cleaning of your carpets, tile floors, furniture, or air ducts. We also do disinfection and drape and blind cleaning  888-512-2055



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