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Should You Replace Or Dye Your Carpets?

When first setting foot into a home, most people will usually notice the flooring. Since it is the largest surface inside a home, and we constantly stay in touch with it, this seems only natural. Home buyers are also known to carefully study the quality of the wooden floors they see. Flooring can often times make or break a sell. Floors that look bad will be immediately associated with a poor reputation in terms of housekeeping.

Modern carpets with eye-catching colors and patterns, soft materials and fine weaving, evergreen Oriental carpets, and vintage carpeting that have lost their original shine and beauty will no longer represent guest attractions. Faded colors, discoloration, unsightly stains, and bad odors are, unfortunately, realities we are confronted with periodically. Sometimes, your carpets might still be in good condition, but they might look very unappealing. Investing in new carpeting for the sake of it is not a smart idea. Why throw money out the window when you can use a cheaper and simpler solution? Oriental carpets can have exorbitant price tags and reach tens of thousands of dollars, especially if they are imported from Iran or Turkey.carpet color dyeing

If you have never dyed a carpet before, you may have a few questions and concerns right about now. First of all, you are not sure you will be doing the right thing. Maybe your carpet is completely dead and cannot be resuscitated. And you should prepare a budget for a new one. However, if you have owned your carpet for less than a decade, and you are looking at an expensive model of high quality, you really have no reason to have it replaced.

There are plenty of examples of brand new carpets that have been covering the floor of a living room or bedroom for just a couple of months before they suddenly lost their life. A carpet can be in top shape, not show signs of abuse and wear-and-tear, and still look bad. If your carpet does not look like it may be coming apart anytime soon, but it does look like it has seen better days, you may want to talk to an expert carpet dyeing service. The On Time Steam Cleaning team can help you make the right call. Give us a call and let us closely inspect your carpeting to make the most suitable recommendations.

To further help you with making your decision, we will also tell you that carpet dyeing is a third of the regular price of buying a new carpet. Nevertheless, your budget is not the only criteria you should focus on. Unfortunately, not all carpets can be dyed successfully. Fast dye jobs can restore most carpets without incurring any extra costs. But for those carpets that would only naturally last for one or two years, the odds are pretty slim. At times, expert carpet technicians need to stretch old carpets or handle stains in inconspicuous areas by cutting and plugging. To make sure you are making the right call for your carpet, you should talk to an experienced carpet professional before you decide if you should dye your carpet or start looking for a new one.

What Does Dyeing A Carpet Mean?

Carpet dyeing is a much more complex process than dyeing wood. Experienced carpet dyeing technicians are trained to coordinate colors and make the changes as seamless as possible. The goals is not to have anyone walking inside our house to immediately notice that your carpets have been recently dyed, you want to opt for a natural look, and this is why homemade carpet dyeing projects are almost never a good idea. An expert carpet specialist relies on advanced dyeing techniques and ensures the fresh coat of dye will stay hidden to the unsuspecting eye.

Experts will apply on a counteracting color to bleach stains that are not perfectly white. Recoloring an old carpet means getting ready to have it dyed in a darker shade compared to the original colors. You cannot dye a carpet a lighter shade or color, so keep this in mind when deciding if this is the best call to make.

Our service only relies on the safest eco-friendly and colorfast dyes and supplies. We want your children, pets, and the environment to be protected against harmful chemicals found in regular dyes.  We recommend you only hire certified services and make sure the new colors will not be vacuumed or walked off. Let us take care of any bleach and chemical stains and spots, get rid of nasty stains, including pet urine, and restore the colors in your sun-faded carpets. If you are getting ready to put your home out for sale, we can dye it using the custom colors of your liking and improve the odds of you selling it.

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