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Carpets are some of the most common types of floor fixtures the average American homeowner chooses to invest in. They are excellent at altering the tactile feel of a room, while dampening the noise. They can also perfectly bring together a décor with all of its visual elements. Carpets definitely have the power to make or break a room. Nevertheless, all carpets have imperfections – be it new and old carpets and rugs. They can be caused by the wear and tear factor, manufacturing, improper installation, heavy foot traffic, or excessive heat and humidity. Carpets that look faded, loose, or fray are most likely affected by one or several of the above factors. And their normal degree of functionality is likely to be affected.

Not a lot of people know that specific carpet stretching techniques can successfully fix a lot of these problems in your carpets. The expert carpet technicians at On Time Steam Cleaning rely on the latest carpet stretching tools that are able to take the process to a whole different level. While you may be tempted to save some money with the help of DIY procedures you can find online, keep in mind quality carpet stretchers are not very practical for the majority of these projects. Cheap carpet stretchers are prone not to get the job done. Instead, they will leave you with a bumpy carpet covered in wrinkles.

Reasons Why You Need Carpet Stretching

Ideally, carpets are a mix of tightly woven fibers that create sturdy materials prone to withstand many long years of use. However, no carpet is created perfectly. There are lots of imperfections related to threads that are longer, shorter, or thinner than others. There is also the case of protecting chemicals that may be missing or found in smaller concentration in some areas of a carpet.

If your carpets have been installed the wrong way, you may need to perform workarounds to make sure that they can perfectly fit the rooms they are destined for. You may need to use minor deviations so each and every carpet looks and feels as it should. In other words, you may need professional carpet stretching services.

High traffic carpet areas usually found inside commercial buildings also normally require expert carpet stretching. Carpet fibers are not able to handle the permanent pressure in the same spots over and over again, on a daily basis. The padding is prone to get low and turn loose in time, resulting in buckling or wrinkling. Stretching done by professional carpet technicians are an excellent solution that also works well for homes with lots of household members where there is a lot of foot traffic.

Heat is also prone to trigger imperfections in your carpets over the years. Fibers become loose and start retaining more dirt and moisture, and even create hazards for whoever will be walking on the carpets. Untreated, these issues are prone to cut the life of your carpets, and dimmer their beauty.

These are the main types of problems known to make homeowners or business managers contact professional carpet technicians and schedule expert carpet stretching procedures. However, other issues could cause problems that require stretching solutions. Do not hesitate to talk to carpet technicians and find out exactly what they can do for your carpets to make them look more appealing and increase their functionality.

Carpet Stretching VS Carpet Repair

The carpet stretching process is different from carpet repair. Carpet stretching is meant to solve a series of small cosmetic issues, whereas carpet repair focuses on fixing stains, bleach spots, holes, burns, moth damage or water damage problems on a carpet.

If you notice your carpet no longer resides flush with the floor beneath it, you may risk having it accidentally ripped. The stretching process is prone to fix this issue by removing the excess found in the rug. Repairs are used to handle problems that simple stretching cannot fix. Get in touch with the expert carpet cleaners at On Time Steam Cleaning to find out if your carpets need stretching or repair. We can provide you with free estimates and additional advice and guidance with repairs or stretching, and any other carpet issues you might be dealing with.

Keep in mind home and office carpeting adds to the décor by using different types of patterns and artwork, borders, colors, and pile heights. You can create the exact image you have in mind for your home or office and style it any way that you see fit. Carpet is also known to save energy since it is a good insulator of the environment inside your property. Carpets also absorb sound and padding and they create that nice and soft feel on your feet. Not to mention they reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents. Finally, carpets can trap allergens and dirt and hold it in until you are ready to give your carpets a thorough clean.