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If you own a Karastan rug, you must be familiar with the preciousness of its fibers the beauty of its colors and design and high quality of the waving process. They are some area rugs that it would be almost impossible to say no to. So if you count among those lucky owners who have at least one such carpet in their home, you are also dealing with another aspect related to these rugs this time, a less pleasant one – cleaning and maintenance. Accidental spilling can cause a lot of damage if handled the wrong with, with improper over-the-counter cleaning products that do not match the fibers and the fabrics. Also, your Karastan rug could be a color run one, which means trying to clean a fresh stain using water could cause an even larger stained area on the carpet.

To be on the safe side and also to save yourself a lot of headaches, money and energy, we recommend you only to work with authorized and certified carpet cleaners like the On Time Steam Cleaning team. Our vast experience in the filed allows us to deal with any simple or complex Karastan rug issue using a customized approach that would best handle the nature of the problem and the exact type of rug you own.

Karastan Area Rug Craftsmanship

Knowing a few things about the craftsmanship of these area rugs should help you understand how important it is to make the right cleaning method applied to them. In order to prevent further staining and extra damage, you should always hire expert carpet cleaners to tackle a difficult stain or a damaged area as a result of high foot traffic or prolonged sun exposure.

A Karastan area rug is made of natural or synthetic fibers, with the most common models being the wool and nylon ones. Nylon is more difficult to clean and maintain clean, as it tends to get easily stained when subjected to dust and dirt. Wool Karastan rugs on the other hand, are a lot easier to clean and keep clean.

Also, a Karastan area rug can be either tufted, woven or twisted. A woven rug will always prove to be more durable in time, while a tufted rug will cost less. The twisted fiber Karastan rugs seem to handle the wear-and-tear factor a lot better. If you are shopping for a new Karatsan carpet, make sure you opt for one with tight twists.

How Do We Clean Karastan Rugs?

  • Pre-inspection stage– this is the moment when we will inspect your area rug and make sure its structure is still intact and whether there are any weaknesses and repairs we will need to compete prior to the cleaning. We will assess the level of cleanability and whether the carpet is a color run one, the fabrics it is made of and the list goes on.
  • We will focus on dusting off any dry soil and traces of debris that are noticeable to the naked eye. We will use a commercial grade vacuum and an agitator for best results.
  • Detergent application. The next step of the cleaning process will be to apply an eco-friendly detergent that is entirely safe to use for both humans and the environment. The detergent will be applied to both sides of the rug.
  • The agitation process . Once we will be done applying the detergent, we will after use our gentle mechanical agitation with the help of a planetary scrubber. The scrubber will be mounted with a rug-safe brush.
  • The rinsing process. During the rinsing, we will apply fresh water and work it through the rug to make sure all the soil will be properly removed.
  • Spot removal. Our experts will also focus on getting you rid of all the nasty spots and unsightly stains covering your Karastan area rug. They will rely on spot treatments that are dedicated for use on wool rugs. We will rinse off the spot treatments.
  • Fringe cleaning process. Fringes on your Karastan area rugs can also be cleaned separately, if necessary. The cleaning will occur once all the previous steps will have been completed.
  • The drying process. Finally, your rug will be placed on a special drying rack and air dried for a faster drying process. speed-dry the rug.
  • We will repeat all steps as often as needed for perfect results.

Affordable Karastan Area Rug Cleaning Services

On Time Steam Cleaners offers some of the most affordable, reliable and fast Karastan area rug cleaning services in town. Don’t believe us? Give us a call, tell us what you need an we will issues an estimate for free. No obligations, no extra charges, no hidden fees!

Allow us to show you why we are one of the best carpet cleaners in the country and let us clean your Karastan rugs with professionalism and for small rates. Call today!