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Did you ever feel too lazy to grab the mop and bucket and wipe the floors clean? Who hasn’t? Unfortunately, we all need to put some elbow grease into cleaning our homes – and keeping them clean. But this doesn’t mean we are forced to go through the hassle every time. Did you know that you could make your own floor cleaners in just a few simple steps and use them with almost zero efforts?

A Quick Fix For Kitchen Messes

Households with children and pets are oftentimes subjected to smaller or larger spills and messes. Here is one amazingly efficient and fast solution you could try for quick cleanups:

  • Use two cups of warm water, one or two drops of soap, at least three drops of essential oils, and a spray bottle. You will also need a microfiber cloth or a mop, but you can also use a small bucket and a clean cloth. It is also possible to use your cleaning robot together with these homemade floor cleaners.
  • The great news is that you most likely already have all the necessary ingredients to make this DIY floor cleaner. And if you don’t, buying them will definitely not burn a hole into your pockets.
  • Plus, you will also avoid spreading toxic chemicals and damaging irritants that are usually found in commercial cleaners. These over the counter cleaners will not only harm your health, as well as the health and well-being of your children, pets, and plants, as well as the quality of the indoor air. If you or someone else living with you is suffering from allergies or asthma, you will need to make sure you are always breathing fresh, good quality indoor air.
  • Another excellent advantage of using these DIY floor cleaners is the fact that they work on all types of hard floors, including hardwood and laminate surfaces, tile, marble, linoleum, and vinyl. And they will leave an amazing shine behind.

Here is another floor cleaner recipe you should try:

  • half a cup of white vinegar
  • two cups of warm water
  • one-quarter cup of rubbing alcohol
  • essential oil
  • three drops of liquid dish soap

You can place this mix in a spray bottle or a bucket and use it whenever needed.

The Powerful Effects Of Simple Ingredients

The liquid dish soap is a powerful dissolver for dirt. Just make sure you never use dish soap that contains oxygen bleach or moisturizers. Oil-based soaps are known to cause smears and should not be used.

The water will loosen the grime and dirt, while the vinegar will play the role of a powerful disinfectant. You should not have to worry about any etching caused by this mix. Even natural stone floors can be effectively cleaned with the help of this DIY cleaner.

The rubbing alcohol will make the evaporation a lot faster, and this should help with the streaks. Plus, alcohol will also degrease and disinfect the surfaces.

The essential oils are optional, but they will do a good job at getting you rid of the disturbing smell of vinegar or alcohol. Make sure your children or pets are not allergic to any of the essential oils you might be thinking about using. Stay away from compounds that have added fragrances to oils, or you will risk damaging your floors. If you have any concerns or worries, to best to avoid using DIY cleaners and stick to your regular commercial cleaners. You also have the alternative of using professional cleaning services and completely eliminate the hassle, effort, and risk of causing any kind of damage to your precious floors.

When Hiring Expert Cleaners Is The Better Choice

Hardwood floor cleaning services like the ones provided by On Time Steam Cleaning company will not only leave your floors looking sparkling clean and smelling fresh, but they will also extend the life of your floors. The commercial grade cleaners they use are highly efficient at getting you rid of dirt, grime, and other forms of contaminants known to weaken the structure and aesthetics of floors. To avoid paying an arm and a leg for repairs or floor replacement, you should consider hiring professional cleaners and have them thoroughly extract all traces of dirt embedded within the boards, as well as manually clean the surfaces. Finally, they will apply a powerful top coat that will make the floors shine and protect them in the long term. You can opt for a satin or a glossy final touch for your floors and have them look brand new.

You can also opt for a special intensive treatment that will eliminate the dirt with the help of expert cleaning equipment. There is a first and second scrub option and the hand cleaning alternative that can reach all difficult areas and corners and get rid of all debris.

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