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What, exactly, is an Eco-Friendly Cleaning Company? Also known as green cleaners, these companies are responsible for keeping homes and businesses safe from dangerous chemicals and toxins during steam or dry cleaning operations. As experts in our field, we understand the importance of air quality and individual safety. When you choose a company that values basic human health, you choose a company with a range of qualifications and experience in the field. To put it simply, an Eco-Friendly Cleaning Company is a company that cares.

There are obvious reasons to choose an Eco-Friendly Cleaning Company. The most popular, of course, is an opportunity to help the environment. But there are other reasons to invest in green cleaning – and many of them affect the quality of overall steam cleaning. In this article, we’re going to walk you through five of those reasons.

1. An Eco-Friendly Cleaning Company Makes You The Priority

As we mentioned briefly, green cleaners focus first on health and safety, then on everything else. The well-being of yourself, your family, your visitors, and your customers comes before deadlines, preferred products, convenience, and the bottom line. An Eco-Friendly Cleaning Company will use natural, efficient products that pose no human or animal threat. In fact, we would recommend strict green cleaning if you have a cat, dog, or other family pet. If you have questions about maintaining cleanliness between sessions, an eco-friendly expert will happily provide tutorials and tips.

2. Eco-Friendly Cleaning Companies Are Companies That Care

How can we make such a blanket statement? Where’s the proof?

The proof is baked right in. Household cleaners are commonly responsible for allergic reactions, dangerous chemical exposure, and (sometimes) near-fatal chemical reactions. Did you know that mixing bleach and ammonia can release deadly levels of chlorine into your home? The majority of homeowners don’t. And this isn’t the only danger. Other mixtures to avoid include bleach and vinegar, bleach and rubbing alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide and vinegar. How many cleaning companies are going to outline these dangers to yourself and your family? Maybe if you ask. Certainly not if you don’t.

When steam cleaning companies research products, chemicals, and cleaning methods thoroughly, they often find that natural cleaning solutions are the only solutions worth using – especially when customer care is a factor. Would you invest in a company that uses toxic cleaning agents for simplicity sake? Would you feel that such a company cares? Likely not.

3. Eco-Friendly Cleaning Companies Recommend Amazing Products

When we finish a home or office at On Time Steam Cleaning, we’re often asked how maintenance between cleanings should be handled. What products are best? What methods are preferred? A traditional cleaning expert might gawk at the question. They’ll suggest household cleaners, vacuuming, and dusting. What else is there? A green cleaning expert, on the other hand, will provide a list of natural green cleaning products, their uses, and their benefits. He or she will also share cleaning methods, timetables, and useful tips. You’ll use this information for the rest of your life. There’s a new world behind every Eco-Friendly Cleaning Company. All you have to do is ask.

4. Experts Can Be Honest About Their Work

Have you ever asked a professional a question and found the answer intentionally misleading, dodging, or altogether wrong? When companies use dangerous chemicals in lieu of natural products, this is common. Traditional companies don’t appreciate being questioned. They want to get in, finish, and get out. The goal is a paycheck – nothing more and nothing less. The quality of cleaning supplies matters far less than how the finished product looks. If your home appears clean, the job is done. Right?

That’s what they want you to think. But the toxins and chemicals left behind could be dangerous to yourself, your visitors, or your pets. Rather than pulling answers from cleaners that are more interested in your checkbook, try investing in a cleaning company that values honesty. Eco-Friendly Cleaning Company Experts are often thrilled to answer your questions. They take pride in their work and look forward to sharing that knowledge with you.

5. You’ll Keep Coming Back For More

Once you work with an Eco-Friendly Cleaning Company, you’ll never go back. There’s too much to love about the experience. The tips, tricks, and information you learn will boost the health and happiness of your home or business. You’ll also come to trust and value a team of experts that understand your specific wants, needs, and preferences. Our experts, for example, become familiar with each of our regular customers – prepared to lend a hand whenever possible. Have you ever had that relationship with a cleaning company before?

On Time Steam Cleaning: Our Eco-Friendly Cleaning Company 

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