Surprising Advantages Of Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning


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As much as you’d love to walk on your soft and beautifully colored carpets all year round, one thing is for sure: high foot traffic means abuse for carpets and area rugs. And this abuse comprises a number of elements, including the wear-and-tear factor, spills, dirt and grime you carry on the soles of your shoes, pet accidents, or dust mites. The precious fibers of a carpet can easily become caked with large amounts of dirt that may not always be visible with to the naked eye. Nevertheless, the presence of dirt in the carpet fibers is best felt through the grungy smells and the old, faded, dirty look of our carpeting. DIY or professional carpet cleaning methods are definitely your go-to solutions. If you have adopted the eco-friendly lifestyle, and you now pay a lot more attention to the type of carpet cleaners you use, why not opt for green carpet cleaning services/methods? Here are are few surprising benefits of environmentally friendly cleaning solutions for your home and office carpets.

Green Carpet Cleaning Creates Less Air Pollution

Most of the cleaning products you can find over-the-counter today consist of a great number of chemicals that are harmful to the environment and your own health and well-being. If you have small children in the house, pets, and plants, you may want to think twice when buying a certain cleaning product for your carpets and floors. Eco-friendly carpet cleaning provides you with clean and fresh carpets without having to worry about breathing in any toxic chemicals, or setting free fumes into the air during the cleaning process. Harsh chemicals that reach the atmosphere are known to cause long-term damages to the environment.

They are also prone to linger in the air in your house or apartment for a long time, even after the cleaning is completed. Hiring professional cleaning companies that work with toxic cleaning agents means the cleaners will also dispose of the toxic fluids used during the process  – and from there to the harsh chemicals reaching the local water supply, there is only one small step.

Unfortunately, the majority of carpet cleaning solutions you can buy in stores contain these harmful chemicals that enable them to effectively remove stains and spots from carpets. And while the end results might satisfy you, the fact that the cleaners will also enable toxins to linger in the air is not equally pleasing. Eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions do not contain any toxic substances. Plus, they are biodegradable and they can preserve your health, as well as the well-being of your pets and the environment.

Green Carpet Cleaning Keep You Healthy

Chemical-based cleaners are likely to cause health problems and accentuate old, existing conditions, especially allergy-related ones. People who suffer from asthma and various other breathing conditions, as well as skin allergies could suffer the consequences of exposing themselves to the fumes left behind by toxic cleaning agents for carpets. Children and pets who spend most of the time in enclosed spaces around the home could suffer from some more serious health problems.

Some of the most frequent symptoms of exposure to harmful cleaning products for carpets and area rugs include nausea, coughing, sneezing, headaches and migraines, asthma attacks, and nose and eye irritation. There are other symptoms associated with exposure to these fumes and substances, especially when lots of vapors are released into the air and constantly inhaled by all household members. The employees in your office are also subjected to the damaging effects of these cleaners, simply keeping the windows open will not entirely eliminate the fumes.

Green carpet cleaning services like the ones provided by the fellows at On Time Steam Cleaning will eliminate these risks and problems. Plus, they will also do a better job at protecting the life of your carpets. Since green cleaners do not contain any acetone or formaldehyde and other similar harmful substances usually found in cleaning agents, synthetic carpets should be better preserved.

Green Carpet Cleaning Cuts Water Waste

Eco-friendly carpet cleaning services use less water compared to traditional carpet cleaners. Using less water means lowering the number of toxic substances that reach the water supply lines. The impact on the entire community will, therefore, be lower.

Green carpet cleaning is also known to have faster drying times than traditional cleaning methods. This means less mold and mildew issues in the future.

Get in touch with On Time Steam Cleaning today and take full advantage of the wonders of their green steam cleaning methods for your beloved carpets and rugs. They charge affordable rates and work fast, they have a friendly customer support team available round-the-clock, and they can cater to your exact needs, no matter how simple or complex. When searching for an experienced carpet cleaner, make sure you opt for someone that will your health and the safety of the environment first.

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