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Home Carpet Cleaning Services

Your Questions Answered

In the past, we’ve written pieces on Home Carpet Cleaning Services and why these services are necessary for a healthy, happy home. In this article, we’re going to answer some of the questions our customers most frequently ask.

Why Does My Home Need Carpet Cleaning?

Before we really get started, let’s have a brief conversation about why your home needs professional carpet cleaning, rather than manually steam or vacuum cleaning. Many homeowners don’t realize that carpets often serve as sponges, soaking up dirt, dust, grime, and bacteria. These particles are released into the air we breathe – and they come in direct contact with feet, hands, and furniture throughout the day. Vacuuming can make your carpet appear cleaner; it can even remove dirt and dust particles. But vacuuming alone won’t guarantee the dismissal of potentially dangerous bacteria and grime. These things must be removed with soap, water, and eco-friendly materials.

Even if you have your own steam cleaner, small machines are rarely efficient. These store-bought machines can help significantly with single-spot stains and pet hair, but (again) the guarantee isn’t the same. The longer your carpet is allowed to sit without Home Carpet Cleaning Services, the higher the likeliness that your family could get sick.

As an added bonus, your home will feel fresh, clean, and new. Who doesn’t appreciate that?

What Are Your Home Carpet Cleaning Services?

Our Home Carpet Cleaning Services include Carpet Deodorizer, Carpet Protection, and Spot Carpet Cleaning.

Spot Carpet Cleaning is an effective cleaning method that works well on both carpet and upholstery. It doesn’t break down protection and uses no optical brighteners, making it safe for pets while preventing spots from turning into long-lasting stains.

Carpet Deodorizer eliminates unpleasant odors at the source using powerful encapsulating agents. Your home will get a truly fresh scent – one that came from real cleanliness, rather than Febreeze.

Carpet Protection is a process we apply after cleaning your carpet. We use professional carpet protector to keep your carpet safe from dirt, spills, and ongoing wear and tear. This protector is safe for humans, pets, and the environment. It acts as a shield, making it difficult for unwanted materials to seep in.

Should I Move Furniture or Vacuum?

There’s no need to move furniture or vacuum your home before our arrival, though you’re welcome to do so. Our experts at On Time Steam Cleaning are happy to move your furniture to a safe location before beginning the steam cleaning process. You can direct movement if you’d like. You can also clear a safe space before our arrival to help the process along. Vacuuming before cleaning is often recommended, but our team will vacuum as part of our pre-cleaning routine. The easiest ways to prepare include:

-Removing ornaments or decorations from coffee tables, nightstands, cabinets, and other pieces of furniture that need to be moved before steam cleaning.

-Putting family pets in a safe, quiet area (preferably where the noise from steam cleaning machines will be less potent).

-Having a clear image of what you’d like before we begin, including special requests or problem areas that should be addressed.

That’s all! Our expert technicians will handle the rest.

How Does Pricing Work?

We price our Home Carpet Cleaning Services by “area.” An area is a specific number of square feet. So, depending on the size of the room in question, it could count as two or even three areas. Some rooms may count as a single area when lumped together. Other rooms may fit the description of one area. Our team will be able to provide an accurate (and free) quote before steam cleaning begins. We don’t believe in hidden fees or changing prices – so our quote is our bond. The more information you can provide about your expectations and special requests, the easier it will be for our team to develop a convenient quote.

How Long Will Drying Take?

Drying depends entirely on the humidity, airflow, and temperature in your home. We recommend giving your carpet a full twenty-four hours to dry, though it can take as little as eight. Our team will cover your furniture legs with protective blocks, which you can remove when drying is complete. We don’t suggest replacing ornaments or decorations until your carpet is dry to the touch. If your carpet is taking an exceptionally long time to dry, open windows or ceiling fans can help speed the process along.

Why Do Spots or Blemishes Reappear?

Generally speaking, spots and/or blemishes don’t reappear after steam cleaning. However, there could be particles hiding within your carpet that have blocked the surface – thus appearing as a spot. When this happens, contact our team. We’ll examine the spot and determine what steps to take next. Keep in mind that our team can never guarantee the removal of long-set stains. We can, however, guarantee the cleanliness of your carpet.

Our Team at On Time Steam Cleaning

At On Time Steam Cleaning, we care deeply about the health and happiness of your family. Call our team at (888)-512-2055 for a free quote – or to learn more about our Home Carpet Cleaning Services.

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