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Jute rugs are available in multiple patterns and sizes. Their popularity comes from their natural  softness and sturdiness which turns them into excellent options for a variety of rooms around the house. Whether you own a jute rug with an earthy hue or a multi-colored rug covering the floors in your living room, dining room, master bedroom, or kitchen, give us a call.

We can assist you with the entire array of jute rug cleaning solutions at affordable prices. We are eager to prove to you why we are the number one jute rug cleaning service in the Brooklyn area!

Our Jute Rug Cleaning Services

Jute rugs are manufactured with the help of fibers from the jute plant (genus Corchorus) that is found in the tropical lowland areas of Bangladesh and India. This is the second most cultivated plant after cotton. Its fibers are taken from the bark that is dried and then weaved into the beautiful jute rugs covering the floors of many homes in Brooklyn.

The special fibers are the ones that give the rugs their excellent softness, enhanced durability, organic feel, texture, and airy, effortlessly-chic look. Since jute rugs are biodegradable and environmentally friendly, they represent excellent choices for many households.

Our technicians are trained to accurately assess the state of your floor coverings and efficiently remove heavy dirty, old stains and bad odors using safe, premium, eco-friendly dry cleaning techniques.

Here are the main types of jute rug cleaning services we specialize in:

  • Jute rug vacuuming
  • Jute rug dry cleaning
  • Jute rug stain and spot removal
  • Jute rug odor removal
  • Jute rug repairs
  • Jute rug restoration
  • Jute rug maintenance

Types of Jute Rugs We Work With

Jute rugs can be exclusively made from fibers from the jute plant or they can be a mix of jute fibers, other types of natural grasses, and various materials. Colorful jute rugs are usually dyed with natural, vegetable-based color pigments that require special cleaning solutions.

Here is a brief list of some of the most popular types of jute rugs we usually work with:

 Flat weave jute rugs. These are highly sustainable, environmentally friendly rugs hand woven with natural fabrics for an extended lifespan and ultra-durability. They are reversible and lightweight and they bring a natural earthen charm to any covered porch or high-traffic room inside the house.

Jute Soumak rugs. These models are tightly-woven and extra-sturdy, featuring raised patterns with rich and beautiful textures. Their rustic aesthetics make them suitable for indoor use, with special emphasis on living rooms and hallways. They are manufactured with the help of a complex artisan braiding technique that requires the large loops of the weft to be yarn around extra warp to obtain the final texture.

Woven jute rugs. These models are made from environmentally friendly and highly sustainable natural fibers. They are manufactured using similar tight weaving techniques for added durability and extra thickness. They are excellent floor coverings for covered porch areas, and living and dining rooms. Since they are usually dyed with the help of vegetable-based dyes, they tend to fade when frequently exposed to direct sunlight. They are crafted with the help of super thick and sturdy natural yarns from the jute plant. All individual rows are hand-woven around metal rods, resulting in their specific looped and chunky designs.

Wool-woven jute rugs. Thanks to their unique blend of fibers, they come with enhanced texture and their designs are very appealing to the eye. These models are best used in low-traffic areas. They are not good options for households with pets and children. They are crafted with the help of thick and thin yarns colored with multiple dyes and hues, resulting in uniquely textured effects.

Jute ticking rugs. These modes are reversible, complex, medium profile rugs with beautiful natural earthen and rustic designs emphasized by their classic ticking stripes. They are manufactured with the help of natural jute yarns and dyed with vegetable-based dye. With the help of a twisted braining technique, unique ticking stripes are obtained.

Low-traffic woven jute rugs. As the name implies, these models are excellent for rooms and traffic areas with low to medium foot traffic. They are also highly sustainable thanks to their tightly woven texture made of thick, ultra-sturdy natural jute yarns.

The Jute Rug Cleaning Process

The rule of thumb when cleaning any type of jute rug is to keep the use of water to a minimum while removing stains and washing dirt. This is because natural jute fibers are known to shrink and react badly when getting in contact with water.

Our professional jute rug cleaners in Brooklyn only work with dry cleaning techniques and advanced spot removal solutions. Since jute rugs require different cleaning solutions that cannot include regular steam cleaners, standard washing, or shampooing procedures used on other types of area rugs and carpets, the procedure should only be handle by experience cleaners.

The cleaning process is initiated with a thorough assessment of the state of the rug. Both sides are analyzed in search of traces of old stains and spots, bad odors, large amounts of dirt, debris, dust, pollen, or moth residue.

Next, the rugs are vacuumed with the help of advanced vacuum cleaners with dedicated brush attachments and fabric brushes that have stiff bristles.

The following step is the removal of any visible or deeply embedded stains and spots. This is done with the help of special dry cleaning products such as dry cleaning powers, sprays, and fabric cleaners that do not require the use of water.

Jute Area Rug Repair and Restoration

Jute rugs that have been damaged by heavy foot traffic, prolonged exposure to water, high levels of humidity in the air, direct sunlight, or incorrect vacuuming techniques can be restored or repaired with the help of our expert services.

For a fraction of the cost of buying new jute rugs, you could once again enjoy your beautiful rugs and expand their lifespan with our expert repair and restoration solutions.

Our technicians work with the best thread, glue, sewing needles, trimmers, binding tape, and other similar jute rug repair tools. They can rapidly fix any visible tears and openings, frayed tassels, and snagged edges and make any jute rug look brand new once again.

Whether you need deep jute rug cleaning services for woven jute rugs, Soumak, or flat weave models, or you want a full repair and restoration job for your old hand-knotted rugs, give us a call. We are the number one jute rug cleaner in Brooklyn!


Do jute rugs shrink when washed?

Most jute rugs will shrink when exposed to large amounts of water and moisture during washing or shampooing. It is advisable to only use very small amounts of water or exclusively use dry cleaning services to steer clear of damage.

Are jute rugs easy to clean?

Yes. Maintenance is fairly easy for jute rugs given the fabrics they are made of. Periodical vacuuming usually suffices, while professional dry cleaning can help remove stubborn stains and bad odors.

Can jute rugs be vacuumed?

Absolutely. We recommend jute rugs be vacuumed once or twice a week for optimum results and good maintenance purposes. Large amounts of dust and dirt should be tackled with the help of a powerful suction vacuum.

Can I clean jute rugs with baking soda?

Baking soda works well at removing dirt, moisture, and bad odors from jute rugs. All you need to do is apply a generous amount of baking soda, let it sit overnight so it can absorb the lingering odors and moisture, then proceed to vacuum up the baking soda the next day.

Can I use standard rug cleaners on jute rugs?

It is best to avoid using standard area rugs and cleaning products on jute rugs to prevent the harsh chemicals in them from potentially damaging them.

Can I use steam cleaning on jute rugs?

It is best to avoid steam cleaning on jute rugs because of the high risk of shrinkage and damage cause by the exposure to water.