Tackling New York Water Damage Head-On


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On Time Steam Cleaning’s Guide to Restoration

Water Damage Restoration can be difficult when New York Water Damage has occurred. Has your home or business been damaged? Are you concerned about possible damage in the future? At On Time Steam Cleaning, we take pride in our restoration program. We like to keep our customers and readers informed. If you have concerns about New York Water Damage, this step-by-step guide will help you tackle the situation head-on.

Step One: Assess the Problem

New York Water Damage can happen numerous ways; a burst pipe, a city-wide flood, a leaking faucet, a damaged roof. Handling each possibility starts with assessing the problem. If you know about possible damage in advance, what can be done to avoid it? How much of your business or home is endangered? Is this a small, medium, or large issue?

Answering the latter question will help you decide how quickly to move through the process. For example, in the case of a leaking faucet, you can place a bucket below the leak and contact a team of professionals at your earliest convenience. On the other hand, in the case of a hurricane or city-wide flood, preventative measures should be taken and professionals should be contacted immediately.

Step Two: Find the Source of the Leak

Once you’ve assessed your New York Water Damage, you should attempt to find the source of the leak, if you haven’t already. This step should be done in tandem with Step Three (Remove Valuable Items). If you have more than one helper on hand, divide and conquer. If you’re alone, start with Step Two. This step is really quite simple. If you can stop the leak without professional assistance, do so. If you can’t, skip to Steps Three and Four.

Step Three: Remove Valuable Items

You’ve assessed the damage. You’ve found the cause of the leak and/or contacted a team of professionals. Now, the time has come to remove any valuable items in harm’s way. Furniture, cash, jewelry, bedding, area rugs, wood pieces, artwork – anything that can’t stand against water should be taken to a safe, dry location. We suggest laying down towels to avoid possible carpet damage. We should add that Step Three should be skipped entirely if your well-being is at stake. Insurance companies will cover the cost of damaged belongings. They can’t replace you.

Step Four: Call New York Water Damage Experts

If you haven’t already, call a team of New York Water Damage Experts to put your home and/or business back in order. At On Time Steam Cleaning, we specialize in Water Damage Restoration. Call our team at (888)-512-2055. We’re more than happy to offer useful advice and a helping hand. Our team can help remove valuable furniture, artwork, and other belongings from afflicted areas. We can also help you with Step Five (Choosing a Course of Action).

Step Five: Choose a Course of Action

Now that you’re working with a team of experts, the time has come to develop a course of action. What steps will you follow to get your home or business back in order? This process should start with a thorough steam cleaning of the affected area(s), as well as any furniture or area rugs that were damaged. Next, you’ll want to ensure the source of the leak is eliminated, whether that source is a particularly bad storm, a leaky roof, or a burst pipe. Finally, you’ll want to file a claim with your insurance company (if necessary) and re-organize your space. If your office was damaged, contact your customers to share that your company is clean, fresh, and ready for business.

Step Six: Practice Prevention Against Future New York Water Damage

Now that you’ve experienced New York Water Damage, we highly suggest practicing prevention in the future. This means having your plumbing regularly inspected, reinforcing your home or business against hurricanes and city-wide floods, and keeping the right tools on-hand. Prevention is half the battle. Keeping a reliable steam cleaning company on speed dial is the other half.

On Time Steam Cleaning

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