Choosing Material for Office Flooring: A Complete Guide


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Choosing Office Flooring Material

How to Remake Your Space

Are you trying to choose Office Flooring Material for your company lobby, bathroom, or meeting area? It can be difficult to choose the right material for your business. In this article, we’re going to outline the right (and wrong) reasons to choose office flooring – and how you can make this tough decision a little easier through the process of elimination.

Let’s start by going over each flooring option.

1. Wood

Hardwood can be elegant, classy, and impressive. When used correctly, it provides a homey, comfortable atmosphere for your employees and your visitors. Hardwood is particularly versatile. You can choose from a variety of textures, colors, stains, and wood types. You can also choose sealant and eco-friendly cleaning products.

Wood floors are perhaps the easiest of all Office Flooring Material options to clean. Simply sweep daily and mop weekly for impressive results. If care remains consistent, your floor could last for several decades or more. Personal maintenance should be supplemented with a professional steam cleaning at least once per year.

2. Carpet

Carpet is a difficult animal to master. This flooring option only works in specific office formats, and many styles are unfit for commercial use. If you choose a thin, yet comfortable, material that features flattering colors or designs, your customers will appreciate the warm atmosphere. If your carpet is too thick, however, or features unflattering designs, your customers will take note.

Unfortunately, carpet is extremely difficult to clean properly in high traffic areas. Daily vacuuming is not only necessary but often required. You’ll need to remove stains as soon as they occur, which means food and drink should be prohibited in carpeted areas. You’ll also need biannual professional steam cleaning appointments to keep your carpet fresh and pollutant-free.

3. Tile

Tile is the go-to flooring material for commercial bathrooms, but it can also be used effectively in lobby areas. Large tile squares and elegant patterns or designs will impress your visitors. It helps that tile is even easier to clean than hardwood floors. Sweep and mop daily. Your floors will never look dirty.

4. Linoleum

This category isn’t included to convince you. We don’t suggest using linoleum in commercial spaces as Office Flooring Material. Linoleum is the cheapest of all flooring options. It doesn’t last long, even when properly maintained. And, as many customers have pointed out in the past, it comes across as “cheap.” Don’t use plastic as flooring or siding. Invest in something more impressive. Consider carpet, wood, and tile your official office flooring options.

Now, let’s examine three different business structures and how each material corresponds:

Doctor or Law Offices

Doctors and lawyers choose to utilize carpet in their offices for several reasons. First, as we mentioned above, the right carpeting can provide a “warm” atmosphere. Since both doctors and lawyers often provide unsavory news, a comfortable environment is preferable. It also helps that most clients don’t snack in the waiting room.

However, doctors and lawyers also use hardwood floors to make an impression. In fact, more law offices utilize hardwood than medical offices. Why? Because lawyers work strictly with adults. They want to provide an “upscale” and professional experience. To signify knowledge and prestige, lawyers use hardwood floors.

Convenience or Specialty Stores

We suggest using hardwood floors or tile in high-traffic businesses like convenience or specialty stores. Carpet is simply too difficult to clean. Most stores use a mixture of linoleum and tile flooring. Improve the atmosphere of your store by considering a dark hardwood or all-tile design. Either option communicates cleanliness and care to your customers. Again, avoid linoleum at all costs. The investment in something “better” is well worth it.

Cubicle or Work Spaces

Most office spaces, when used majorly for employees and administration members, take advantage of carpeted floors. These floors are comfortable on weary feet. It helps that office spaces are not high-traffic areas. Even with thirty or forty employees, these buildings see far less foot traffic than law offices, medical offices, or convenience stores.

Office space owners also use hardwood floors to make an impression, although this is less common. Personally, we suggest using carpeted floors in work areas, but tile or hardwood floors in conjoined eating areas for breaks and snacks.

While this guide doesn’t provide a simple answer to the question of Office Flooring Material, it should help you make an informed decision that benefits your company.

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