Eight Easy Steps Toward Office Organization


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Office Organization in Eight Easy Steps

How to Vastly Improve Your Office Space

If you own a business, Office Organization is probably one of the last things on your mind. After all, there are appointments to schedule, employees to manage, standards to meet, goals to reach, and expectations to bear. Between filling invoices, ordering stock, and handling sales, you have your hands full already. How are you supposed to handle organization too?

Whether Office Organization is high on your priority list or not, you should focus on keeping your business as clean as possible. Why? Because, when it comes to the well-being of your company, first impressions are incredibly important. If customers walk into your lobby and notice dust, dirt, or grime, they likely won’t return. They might even tell their friends to steer clear.

You want your visitors to feel as though they’ve walked into something pristine – something above the level of clean they maintain in their own homes. That’s the expectation for businesses in America. Your job is to make it happen. But how?

Becoming an Office Organization Master

(1) Delegate tasks to employees. This is the easiest, and most affordable, way to improve your organization habits. Have employees regularly vacuum floors, dust furniture, and scrub tile/grout in bathroom areas. While these tasks might not be part of the job description, they are perfectly reasonable. Cleaning throughout the day can make a big difference in how your customers perceive your location.

(2) Hire a nightly janitorial service. If you aren’t comfortable making your employees clean, or you’d like to delegate less savory tasks to someone who expects them, consider making a janitorial service part of your budget. These services offer a regular deep cleaning. While they aren’t necessarily as good as steam cleaning, they will certainly lengthen the lifespan of your furniture and flooring. They will also improve your relationship with your customers.

(3) Invest in easy-to-clean furniture and flooring. If you absolutely can’t focus on cleaning more than you already do, simplify the task by making messes easier to see. Your employees can’t ignore obvious stains on a hardwood floor. Your plastic chairs will be much easier to clean than leather. You can also focus on plastic tables rather than wood and tile rather than carpet.

(4) Give your office a fresh start with steam cleaning. Even if you plan on hiring a janitorial service or delegating tasks to employees, it’s important to give your location a fresh start. You can’t eliminate all allergens, pollutants, and bacteria with vacuuming and scrubbing alone. You need a deep, effective steam clean. Research professional steam cleaning teams in your area and pick the team that best fits your needs.

Changing Your Tactics

(5) Continue professional cleanings every six months. Once you start, you’ll find it’s difficult to stop. The clean, fresh feeling is contagious. If six months is too frequent, consider a steam cleaning every twelve months. You’ll see the same results as long as you focus on daily maintenance in the meantime.

(6) Make cleaning a priority. Even if you can’t invest hundreds of dollars into cleaning every week, consider investing something each month. Cleaning has to be important. Your business could seriously falter if you ignore dirty bathrooms, lobbies, meeting rooms, and more. You don’t just need to worry about your customers. You need to think about your employees too. What kind of environment do they expect to work in?

(7) Focus on high traffic and high impact areas, like your lobby or the bathroom. If you must choose between multiple areas because your budget doesn’t have room for complete office organization, consider high traffic spaces. Your lobby should be clean at all times. Otherwise, customers will stop returning altogether, even if they’ve given you a second chance. There’s no excuse for a dirty lobby. Your bathroom should also be clean since your customers are most vulnerable there.

(8) Encourage your customers to share their experience with their family and friends. Patrons are quick to recommend clean, professional business spaces, especially if you offer a medical or legal service. Like we said before, you need to offer something more than clean. Your office/business establishment should come across as pristine. Your customers want to believe that your floors, furniture, and tile are being deep-cleaned every single night.

At On Time Steam Cleaning, we understand the importance of first impressions and keeping your customers coming back for more with Office Organization. Using only eco-friendly products and certified experts, we offer cleaning for hardwood floors, carpet, water damage, air ducts, furniture, tile and grout, and more.

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