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Experiencing water damage in NYC? Don’t wait and get help right away. Our professional NYC water damage restoration services are here to respond quickly and effectively to repair the problem. Get the peace of mind you need knowing your home or business is taken care of.

NYC garage flooded and in need of water damage restoration

Identify the Source and Stop the Water Damage

Rapid action will be essential to limit the amount of damage inflicted by water. It is important to identify the source and stop it as soon as possible. Our team of experts has mastered this process, analyzing the affected area and applying proactive strategies that stop the damage from spreading further. We use advanced water extraction equipment to remove any standing water that may be present on your property after a flood or pipe leak.


Remove Valuable Items

You’ve assessed the damage. You’ve found the cause of the leak and/or contact a team of professionals. Now, the Time has come to remove any valuable items in harm’s way. Furniture, cash, jewellery, bedding, area rugs, wood pieces, artwork – anything that can’t stand against water should be taken to a safe, dry location. We suggest laying down towels to avoid possible carpet damage. We should add that Step Three should be skipped entirely if your well-being is at stake. Insurance companies will cover the cost of damaged belongings. They can’t replace you.


Dry Out Your Home and Remove All Water Damage Effects

Professional NYC water damage restoration services from our team involve drying out your home and repairing the effects of water damage. We use the best equipment and decades of experience to restore the area quickly and efficiently. This includes dehumidification, deodorizing, sanitizing, and more to ensure that your property is restored to pre-flood condition. We also have experience repairing any damages such as molded walls or ceilings, cracked foundations, and damaged floorboards caused by water events.


Cleaning and Sanitizing the Affected Area

Once we have dried out the area, we then focus on sanitizing and cleaning the affected areas. This involves using quality sanitizing detergents and solvents to kill bacteria and germs that could have been left behind by the water event. We will then carefully clean all surfaces to restore their original look and condition. After this is complete, our team will apply specialized deodorizers to eliminate any odors that may be lingering in your home or business due to the water damage event.


Deodorize for Odor Removal

After the affected area has been cleaned, professional deodorizing is completed for complete odor removal. Our team uses state-of-the-art odor counteractants to break down odors and eliminate them from your space once and for all. We understand how unpleasant water damage events can be, and that’s why we take steps to ensure that your space is fully restored — including getting rid of any remaining odors.



Here are some recent comments from our satisfied customers:

Lisa (Brooklyn, New York) – “The bad news is they weren’t able to get the huge, orange NyQuil stain out of our cream-coloured kilim rug. (A word of advice – keep liquid cold medicine in the bathroom.) But [On Time] was so easy to work. And, get this, they didn’t charge us for the cleaning service since they weren’t able to get the stain out! We ended up using what we saved to buy a new rug, which was on sale for half price. I will gladly call the company again for cleaning.”

Erica (New York, New York) – “I recently used On Time Steam Cleaning to remove a massive coffee spill…my apartment smelled like Starbucks! On Time Steam Cleaning came to the rescue! They were easy to communicate with and very professional. The cleaning was reasonably priced…I highly recommend these guys! Very professional service.”

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